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We Are The Wellness Tribe.

The Death By Lycra Collective coaches individuals on how to practice vulnerability, find their authentic voice and guide them home to themselves through passion, purpose and alignment.


The Death By Lycra Wellness Modalities:

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Wellness Gifts:


1:1 Life + Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to make truly positive long term transformation in your life? Do you crave a different way of living, being and a chance to follow what lights you up in mind, body and soul?

Are you ready to live with grace, ease and in a state of alignment? Are you ready to let go of all the things that are holding you back and weighing you down? Are you ready to change your story?

Are you ready to embody and be more of the you that you dream of being?

1:1 wellness Business coaching

Are you a change-maker, visionary, leader, entrepreneur, healer or wellbeing practitioner who wants to make a difference in the world? 

Are you ready to unapologetically pursue your dreams and make them your reality? 

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to change how you currently feel about yourself and your life? Are you ready to meet yourself, your edges and to live life as the real you? Are you ready to embody your purpose?

THE BODY OF BUSINESS Group mentorship

Are you dreaming of taking your business to the next level? Do you finding yourself feeling burnout, confused or overwhelmed with how to build momentum, take the leap in your business or how and even what to focus on at a time? Does everything feel a little too cloudy and like a never ending to do list?

Do you know how to listen to your authentic voice and how to share your core message with the world whilst staying in alignment and embody your own message as a leader? Can you really have it all?


NEW to coaching?

What's with this buzzword 'coaching' that everyone keeps talking about? Why does everyone suddenly have a 'coach' or 'mentor'? And is it even a thing?

If you're curious to find out what coaching and mentoring really is and how it might be able to help you then:

I’ve been having coaching with Francesca Elizabeth for over a year and I’ve loved every session we’ve had. She has an immense knowledge of psychology, what makes people tick and her sessions are always filled with inspiration and laughter.

I love how she encourages her clients to not take themselves too seriously and to try new things. Francesca Elizabeth is a beautiful soul with a vibrant, caring energy. A wonderful coach.
— Cassie Freriechs

Hey, I'm Francesca Elizabeth.


I’m an internationally certified transformation coach. My work is about igniting the mind, body and soul through a 4 part healing modality. I guide, mentor, coach and personally cheerlead well warriors as they begin the best and most rewarding conversation of their life.


I believe coaches are no longer being called to deliver a neatly packaged solution for a one size fits all market, but to work more deeply, soulfully, collaboratively, and to create space and connection to better enable our clients to come home to themselves.