When the Art World Tackles Body Image

“Normal Barbie” - Complete with Acne and Tattoos.

Digital artist and designer Nickolay Lamm once asked himself, “What if fashion dolls were made using standard human body proportions?” He went on to create Lammily the “Normal Barbie,” which completely contradicts the 'classic' Barbie doll.

Lammily has the realistic proportions of an average American 19-year old girl and all of the beautiful perfections and imperfections of a typical young woman. The “Normal Barbie” pack, the first exclusive edition of which is already available, features a collection of stickers that include tattoos, cellulite, scratches, stretch marks, acne, mosquito bites, and other things that most people will at some point or another encounter over the course of their lives.

The idea behind this is to encourage young girls and boys to love who they are and avoid unrealistic beauty expectations. When asked by Huffpost about his inspiration, he replied: “Barbie is a very iconic figure, so I figured it would be very fitting to create an average Barbie. And I also wanted to show that average is beautiful and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards. And I feel Barbie kind of symbolizes that.”

What do you make of Lammily?