Why you're Not Selfish if you Put Yourself First.

Words by Frou Williams.

Authentic from the heart self care isn't selfish, it's the foundation that makes up how you can be the best possible version of you. Queue massage robe snapshot...oh herro there 😏👋🏼

With the pace in which most of us find we live our lives it can be easy to see self care as another 'to do' or be motivated to take care of ourselves out of fear or guilt. The guilt that smugly suggests 'I should eat better' or 'I should exercise more' or let us not forget the fear that sniggers, 'if you eat that then you'll get fat' or the daddy of all jibes 'This is why you're never going to meet someone, none of your clothes fit, you're fat and you're ugly...' 

Yeishhhhh!!!! Saucer of milk please inemy (inner me often confused with enemy). We can be down right assholes to ourselves hey?! 

These types of negative and oh baby so critical thoughts are often the impetus or motivation for us to “take care" but that is it not coming from a place of authenticity or love for yourself. How can you hate yourself to a place you love?

Self care runs deeper than just nutrition and exercise. It's so much more than a simple input and output system. More than just running a bath and lighting some candles (although that's awesome too 😏) It's the air you breathe, the things you see, the people you surround yourself with, your dreams, your thoughts, your favourite film, a phone call from an old friend, the things that light you up, it's your coffee in the morning, it's giving freely and without expectation. Self care is hope.

What about allowing yourself to eat and move out of a place of love for yourself and celebrate the mind, body and soul you have been blessed with? And yes that means mince pies and mulled wine layers included! 😝🎄🙋🏼☺️