Rushing Women's Syndrome...

Perhaps it's because the end of the year is in sight but I've noticed with clients and also in myself this week that energetically we're all feeling a heightened sense of 'urgency' around getting to that end goal, feeling that rush and the pressure to just go, go, GO!

We can't unchange what we know so once aware that I was slipping into old rushing habits or 'busy' syndrome that was enough to ground me and let me take my head out of the proverbial rush of sand (or maybe just my ass 😂) and to stand in the now. Well, just for a moment...can't stand still for too long now can we 😜! 

Today I want you to consider the journey. As some of my nearest and dearest like to tease me 'You bloody love a journey Frou, I'm not going on a sodding journey with you' - we don't have to call it a journey if that gives you the ick factor.

An adventure, a mission, going rogue, getting curious. Whatever it is that allows you to pause for a moment and say 'Fuck YEAH! Look what I've achieved' that's what we want! That my friend is the sweet spot. 🍫🍩 In whatever shape or form that may look like to you. 

On that 'journey' let's dance, smile, giggle, marvel, trust, love and most of all breathe.

We're never going to enjoy every moment of the journey but we don't need to whip ourselves every step of the way either and we can learn to appreciate where we are at instead of always focusing on how far we have yet to go.

Share a story or a moment that reminds you how awesome you are... ✨