Why I Became a Life Coach

A year ago,  I embarked on a journey to become a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Training Academy. My interest had been sparked when I undertook a coaching series with a friend who had just finished her own coaching training and was looking for pro-bono clients to work with. Feeling somewhat lost and at a crossroads in my life I jumped at the chance for free coaching with such a beautiful soul.

Little did I know at the time that undertaking a coaching series would ignite a passion in me to pursue my own coaching training

During the coaching series, I discovered a deep desire to travel and to help other people. From that I started to research training academies and what they had to offer. There are thousands of training academies out there but none of them struck a cord with me. They felt too corporate or old fashioned. Then I came across Beautiful You.

The branding, the modern interactive website, the content and the pure love jumped out of the screen at me. I knew this was the school for me. Julie Parker is the founder and creator of Beautiful You and quite possibly one of the most inspirational and all round good vibes women you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. Her gift to the world is this academy and it truly is that. When I signed up, I had no idea how much it would change my life. From the course content, the people and the self development. It's been a true journey of discovery.

Julie, looking every bit the goddess and priestess as she greeted us for the Bali inspiration and graduation day which took place in Ubud, Bali.

After signing up for the course, I had a major life change and ended up moving to Sydney with work. Once I arrived in Sydney it became pretty clear that undertaking a new course, new city and what was effectively a new job was going to be too much so I actually made the decision to defer my entry for 6 months. The course itself is 6 months but from when I applied to graduating it's been a year for me.

The next 6 months absolutely flew by and before I knew it, it was October and time to start the course once again. I wasn't sure I was ready, but knew it was now or never so jumped right in and tried to manage a full time job, study and navigating still a relatively new city.

And wow. I am SO glad I did. Not only did I love learning about how to become a coach but the business modules were fantastic and really helped me develop my confidence around who I might want to coach and what my unique gift to the world might be. Eek, a scary concept and something I wouldn't have dreamed of exploring before Beautiful You. I was paired up with a coaching buddy, Cassie who is absolutely someone I would consider a dear friend now. I was SO nervous my first coaching session but Cassie was so patient and encouraging that soon enough I felt myself relaxing and just flowing into the sessions. The more we practiced together, the more I felt certain that I was on the right path to doing something worthwhile and something that really soothed my soul. I was practically singing and dancing after each session, feeling so pumped and full of energy feeling that I was helping someone to really gain clarity in their life. The feeling is electric.

Doing the course has not only given me fantastic tools to develop my business but also in my personal life as well. It helped me to gain confidence and clarity in other areas of my life, especially feelings around being in a new city and being homesick.

When Julie announced that our graduation and the next inspiration day would be in Bali, I just knew that I had to go. I've been to Bali before and to be honest, I didn't find it as eat, pray, love as I'd hoped and I have always wanted to go back to see if it was just my experience at the time or if perhaps Bali just wasn't a 'soul' city for me.

The inspiration day fell on my birthday weekend, score I thought! So on the 21st April, I packed my bags and headed off for a 6 hour flight from Sydney to Denpasar. As I'd been traveling the two weeks prior, I was already pretty exhausted and in need of some down time so I was looking forward to getting to the hotel and relaxing. Bali had other plans for me. I was practically shoved in a taxi as soon as my feet hit the tarmac and found myself on my way to Ubud feeling somewhat alarmed that I was a solo female traveller with no phone battery and in an unmarked taxi. 90 long minutes later we arrived near Monkey Forest and the hotel I was going to be staying at for the next few nights.

Strangely enough, I felt those same feelings of unease and being unsafe that I had from my previous trip and actually had them the entire trip so I can only put it down to Bali not being a great city for me. Instead of serene and tranquil I found it stressful and pushy. Anyway, enough on Bali. I shall write a post on Bali itself soon.

Back to the inspiration day.

Oh and I will mention that I got food poisoning on my first night (of course the girl with gut problems gets food poisoning) so I spent most of the graduation and inspiration day trying not to vomit on my lovely white dress! OH yes, I'm all class me! ;-)

The day itself was stunning. Julie and the team really did a sterling job of pulling together the agenda, speakers right through to the catering and the afternoon activities.

The day was held at the Plataran Hotel and Resort, Ubud.

It was so great to finally meet some of the course cohort and have the chance to meet with previous students who are working as coaches and there were even people who were yet to start the course. It was a great mixture of people and a wonderful opportunity to build my coaching network.

Although the coaching is done, it truly feels like it’s only just the beginning. Keeping the momentum and building a business that I love through helping and inspiring others to unlock their potential.

If what I wrote about my experience doing the Beautiful You Life Coaching course resonated with you and you're looking for a new direction in your life, I'd highly recommend doing this course. As a proud affiliate I would be more than happy to discuss the course further with you via Zoom if you'd like to know more.

Francesca Elizabeth xo