Why you Should Never Make New Year's Resolutions...

Can we just talk diet, fitness and New Years resolutions for a moment? What feels like you can't look online the last few days for fear of people hating on what they ate over the festive period, already busy scheming getting back on the wagon for 2017 or more bizarrely, if you're not seen to be adding to the pile of resolutions then what the hell's wrong with you? Why don't you want to fix? 

Whilst it's great to set goals (hey I'm the queen of goals and plans ) if those goals don't come from a place of realness and not to mention a realistic place for you then you might find yourself in the line up for some unnecessary New Year heartache, frustration and feelings of failure.

In our perfection perplexed culture it's easy to get waylaid by the constant messages telling us that we need to fix, nip and tuck just about everything and anything that so much as moves and heaven forbid anything wobble. 

 Let's say your goal is to loose 'x' amount of weight, to wear and rock 'that' dress on holiday or maybe this is the year you finally say yes to starting that blog or that business idea - all of these goals require healing yourself from the inside out, taking a look at what's really going on instead of just treating the symptoms with diet pills, detox tea and escapism to avoid ourselves. 

Here's a crazy idea...this year, instead of vowing to cut away all the things you DON'T like, how about focusing on all the things that you DO like and letting those shine? 

 How do you want to feel about yourself at the end of next year? Because how you feel about you is worth more than a half hearted resolution any day.