Why you can be a Life Coach and Not Have all the Answers...

The most common questions I get asked as a life coach are: 'So you must have life figured out huh' and 'You must never get annoyed or worked up about anything' 😂😂👌🏼 Read life coach not robot.🤖

Being a life coach is about creating and holding space for someone to truly come into their own, to allow them the opportunity to explore big, beautiful and creative versions of 'self', to help someone release old thoughts and narratives that no longer serve.

It's as much about self development in a traditional sense of cultivating self love as it is about helping someone to unravel their story and their message.

To me, coaching is an art form.

Passion and life cells dance off every page.

Each and every person has a uniquely wonderful thread of story waiting to be told. By creating space for someone so they can find their creative voice and expression, be it in a personal or business landscape is what I like to think of as a modern art gallery made up of heart, sweat and courage of all the people who dare to fill its walls with their 'art'.