How to Find your Kintsugi...

Today I'm feeling curious about the 500 year old art of kintsugi, or “golden joinery" a philosophy not of replacement, but in awe, reverence, and restoration. The emphasis in kintsugi is not actually on physical appearance, it is…the beauty and the importance that stays in the one who is left looking. Cryptic message I hear you cry?

Well, let's take a look at general Western consensus on broken objects, things and to an extent in our culture, 'people' (think a never ending conveyor belt of swipe left, swipe right dating apps), how these objects and people might have lost their value, tossed aside and paved way for the new but there's something quite charming and refreshing about the concept of kintsugi and believing that never ending consumerism is not actually a spiritually rewarding experience. Karmically speaking, we stink. 


Whilst the quote might be somewhat ethnocentric and not actually accurate to suggest piecing together broken china with gold. I'm not sure my brew would stay put ☕️💔 BUT, to me, one piece of broken ceramic finds another. The cracks between them symbolise the wound. The work is a metaphor of the struggle of life that makes an individual more wise and beautiful through all the pain and darkness that we ALL face in life.

Meaning, the more work you do on healing yourself from the inside out and creating your own magical weave of gold (sprinkle that shit everywhere) 🙋🏼✨the less we rely on external forces to fill those cracks, holes and sometime craters of space. (Been there my friend 🕳).

And seeing as you can't throw yourself away, why not try a more 'kintsugi' attitude to being and make do and mend? I've got my needle and thread at the ready...Oh my nan would be so proud! 😉👵🏼