Are you Suffering Perfection Paralysis?

Have you ever heard of the term perfection paralysis? One of the ultimate quests for millennials is the pursuit of the perfect life. We're all searching for it.

We want do it all, see it all and be it, yesterday. But in our search for the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect apartment, the perfect partner and the perfect friends are we so afraid of making the wrong choice, of committing, of making a mistake or simply overwhelmed with the vast options presented in front of us that we are merely bystanders on the sidelines of our own lives, only ever dipping our toes into the arena we call life? Are we a generation of commitment-phobes or are just in need of a new approach? 

Perfection paralysis can be described as:

-A feeling of never being quite satisfied, always looking over your shoulder for the next best thing or not pausing to reflect on what you've already achieved. 

-Of being paralysed by fear that if you can't do or have something perfectly then you don't do it at all. In other words, you don't take the risk for fear of failure.

-When fear turns into anxiety and you're constantly living in the middle of perfection and failure. Between the wanting and the work needed in order to achieve your goals.

It's a place full of self doubt, insecurities and too much time spent dwelling in the past and the future. Perfectionism makes us miserable, but how do we unlearn what culture tells and clearly shows us as a linear, black and white, success and failure approach to life? Because life isn't black and white, life is shades of grey. All shades of grey and maybe taupe and winter violet too. 

Getting out of our heads is a great way to bring us back to the now. Time spent outdoors and taking in some big beautiful breaths, moving our bodies either through activities such as running or yoga, meeting a friend for coffee or a matcha latte (you're so hip these days 😜) or simply shifting the focus away from you and doing something good for someone else in your life can be enough to bring you out of your funk and out of the murky waters of perfection paralysis.

A shift of perspective and simply allowing ourselves the permission to try.