Is Wellbeing Really so Black and White?

Health is multifaceted and it exists in the irreducible complexity of our lives and identities. 

When I feel disconnected from my mind and body, I don’t take care of it. When I embrace and encourage my mind and body, when I take a moment to appreciate all that it does for me, I do. 

Learning not to hate our bodies is a matter of our physical health and emotional survival.

At its core, weight loss is aesthetic. My weight doesn’t tell you what I eat, how much I exercise, how strong I am. It doesn’t tell you where my DNA comes from, my bone density or how healthy I feel. It doesn’t tell you if I’m thinner than I was before, or fatter. It doesn’t tell you how I feel about myself, what I’ve learnt or how I’ve changed. 

It doesn't show you my wellbeing blueprint. 

When we judge someone by the size of their body or appearance, it takes away from and flattens what is a rich, beautiful tapestry woven together by a complex mind, body and soul of an unknown, extraordinary person.

So I’m making a stand to challenge the one size fits all approach when it comes to wellbeing and fitness by helping others to find their own way. A way that doesn't involve passive aggressive memes of abs being made in the kitchen or a #belfie generation. If this approach worked for long term and sustainable wellbeing, it would have worked already. It's time for a new outlook towards looking after yourself - mind, body & soul.

So, are you in?