Things we Should Teach our Sons and Daughters...

Words by Frou Williams.

Today I read an article based on research from the Children's Society's annual state of the nation review which found that more than a quarter of a million girls in Britain are unhappy with their lives “overall”. 

And when it comes to appearance, the number of 10 to 15 year-old girls who do not feel happy with their looks reached a staggering 700,000 across the UK. This is up 8% from 2013/14 and 21% from 2009/10.

But this isn't just a UK issue. This is worldwide and it goes way deeper than just discussing how important it is for children to enjoy their childhood - which yes of course is essential - it is also critical to acknowledge that times have changed and the definition of 'childhood' is no longer the same as it was 50, 20 or even 10 years ago. 

The proportion of boys aged 10-15 who are unhappy with their lives remained stable at one in nine and being unhappy with their appearance hovered at around 20%. Whilst these statistics are lower than that of girls, both boys and girls experience mental health problems in different ways. Boys aged 10 and 11 are more likely to experience conduct and attention/hyperactivity problems, girls experience anxiety and depression and become increasingly unhappy with their appearance as they get older.

We must encourage younger generations of both sexes to have a better relationship with self through positive body image reinforcement, self esteem and self worth. In order to create that change, we must first be positive role models and be the ones who embody that message ourselves.

So today I am calling out to 5 amazing people who have knowingly and unknowingly reinforced my own beliefs and who I believe are out there truly embodying their message and teaching people all around the world the message of self care, self love and a positive body image.

Emily Rosen

Life in Full Flight - Jenny Orenstein

Rosie O'Halloran

Hollie Azzopardi

Naomi Morrow Coaching

Self love comes from within but together we can create and share a message which inspires and encourages self love from a young age. Let's start a chain of consciousness - if this post resonated with you then please share and nominate up to 5 men and women who have inspired and motivated you in YOUR life and helped you, to be the best version of you that you are today. 

What a wonderful feeling to know that someone out there is smiling or feeling a little bit more positive today and tomorrow because of something YOU said or did.