How Healthy is the Wellbeing & Fitness Industry?

Is it just me or has the entire wellbeing + fitness industry turned into one sexually objectifying shot after the other? And I'm not just talking women here. I'm all for progression shots but some of the ones doing the rounds are worse than the stuff you expect to see on a page 3 tabloid. 

I wish people were inspired by mind and spirit as much as they were by bodies and shapes. We should be teaching young men and women movement and exercise to build strong minds, learning to cope and navigate their internal landscapes - the by product of that will invariably be strong outer health anyway.

Our bodies constantly change as we go through life and when that happens if you've worked on a strong mind, along with those strong abs then you'll surround yourself with acceptance, self love and kindness instead of constant punishment, unachievable goals and negative self talk. 

Whenever I feel ungrounded or like I need to take a moment just to catch my breath, I always find taking myself outdoors, gently moving my body (keyword here 'gentle' - no goblet squats, deadlifts or HIIT today thank you) and allowing myself the time to absorb my surroundings always brings me back to the now and back to me...wherever I may find those feet.  Today was a day to be outdoors, to pause and reconnect. I have found that when we stop searching for home within others and other places or things it allows us to lift the foundations of home within ourselves and that there are no roots more special than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole. 

Doing exercise and being creative is interlinked. You could argue that doing exercise is a form of creativity. That feeling you get from moving your body and movement is the same feeling you get when you're exploring and nourishing your creative spirit. You might say you're not creative - I call BS! Everyone has it in them to be creative, to play, to explore, to dream. It's simply about allowing yourself the time and space in which to experience (and often make a lot of mess but hey that's part of the fun of it). When we feel connected to ourselves be it through movement or art it's hard to feel bad about ourselves. And that's what it's all about - moving more, playing more, creating more. Now who wants to throw eggs filled with paint with me?