Why Should we Set Goals?

Setting goals is a super powerful tool. Whether it be focused around cultivating self acceptance, finding purpose or building a business that lights you up. Sounds simple right?

Well, no. Setting goals is one thing but creating the desire to actually want to complete those goals & that 'call to action' is another thing altogether.

This is so much more than just ticking items off the never ending to do list of life. The act of setting goals uses masculine energy but that certainly doesn't mean we need forgo the playfulness or creativity that comes with the softness of the feminine. That's part of the fun of it.

Creating goals that truly 'speak' to you & get you excited about what you want or need to create doesn't mean more work it actually allows you the headspace to let those creative sparks fly.
It's a beautiful juxtaposition between setting actions in order to create space & flow.

We're all guilty of looking at our 'to do' lists & that familiar sea of overwhelm, letting our inner chatter or inemy take the front seat. Heck sometimes when that inemy grabs the steering wheel, it can feel like you're on a one way ticket to no hopeville but don't let her stop you there, that's not your destination my friend.

Curiously listen to whatever she might have to say because that 'fear' is extremely useful for you in order to understand & be able to say, "Hey I hear you, thanks for your input but you've actually got us lost & I'm the one with the map so do you mind moving your ass out the driving seat!"

A tip from someone who's spent a lot of time with her inemy. Don't try to quieten or silence your inemy because boy does she come back with vengeance, lurking in the wings ready to pounce when you're feeling low, vulnerable or overtired. She's not trying to hurt or harm you - she's just trying to tell you something.