Why You Shouldn't Fear Change...

Let's talk change:

The definition of change is to make or become different, to take or use another instead of.

Now that doesn't sound so scary or does it?

So why is it, that even when we know it's for the best, that change can be so freaking scary? The monster of the unknown creeps the corridor of fear and lurks in the wings waiting to catch you off guard. Even with the best laid plans in place, it likes to throw us around, shake us up and send us back out into the world slightly scathed and twitching from the entire experience.

But if we know that much like taxes, change is the only constant variable in our lives then does change get any easier as time goes on or is it plain old rollercoaster emotion time and time again as we face a new challenge or crossroad in life?

As I remind my clients and waves fingers in face to remind self*  that during times of change it's incredibly important to give ourselves a break (read: try to dial down the inner chatter thermostat), do kind things for yourself as you work your way through the motions so that when we're ready to get back into the world once more, that it's with a new perspective, fresh eyes, an inner calm and hopefully all with a greater sense of kindness to oneself.

My advice to anyone riding a wave of uncertainty and change right now is to make sure you smugly laugh in the face of the monster of the unknown, climb on your imaginary surf board and ride the wave of uncertainty, simply, until you know more. Because just as night becomes day, you too, will come out the other side of the storm.