For When You Don't Feel Enough.

You are enough.

You are enough, exactly as you are.

To boldly believe you are enough in a culture that socialises us to believe we are anything but, is an act of sheer divine rebellion. Your innate power. Your glorious energy. Your becoming.

My intention for this post is to guide you to leaning in and accessing that innate feminine power within you.

The feminine power that lies within each and every human being, if we’re receptive to tuning in and accessing this innate source of power. The marriage of both masculine and feminine energy in every human. It’s vibrating at a higher frequency, it’s meeting your edge, it’s leading with heart and soul, it’s standing with a strong back and soft front.

I wish someone had told me when I started on my journey of self discovery, to find my story and my purpose that that’s what I was embarking on. That the pain I was feeling was simply a part of becoming. That I should trust in myself and in what was unfolding. That I shouldn’t fear the pain as within all that pain and grey area, lay the answers. That the truth was, no matter where I looked for what I felt was missing, searching in people and places, that I always was and always will be the answer to what I am searching for. That my story and my innate feminine power was the root and access to all of the answers, clarity and direction I seeked.

Through years of seeking and searching, it would always come back to the one resounding truth - I needed to believe I was enough. I needed to believe in myself. To unwaveringly back and love myself. To invest in myself and build my strength and inner voice. To stop looking and seeking outwards. That I need only worry about my own validation and proof in my own eyes.

When my world would begin to crumble beneath my feet, as life often does, that instead of begging it not to open up and swallow me that I could learn to stand tall and withstand the storm. That despite the changing currents and undeniable pain and confusion at all the uncertainty, feelings of vulnerability and being alone, that in order to heal and move forward I would first need to go within. To learn to listen to myself. To trust in my ability for guidance and a chance to shine my own light. To even be able to discover that light. To create the space I so desperately seeked beneath the walls of my chest. I would often hear people talking about shining your light or trusting your own divine guidance and intuition but I had no idea how to access this place from within me. It all felt so uphill, like I’d never be able to begin to climb that mountain.

Whilst self discovery and the journey in is invariably only something that we can undertake on our own, it needn’t be so soul wrenchingly lonely and exposing. You can lean on and cultivate the support from your fellow sisters and brothers. We can learn from one another as we continue to grow and evolve on our own personal quests to our sacred selves. On our journeys home.

If this sounds familiar then today, I am standing here with you. And wherever you stand on your journey, I honour that journey. I honour your pain. And I honour in your divine strength and beauty to trust in your ability to guide your own light and heal yourself from within. To know that you are enough.

Each and every person has a uniquely beautiful and different journey. And this journey, is about you.

Even here in this moment your soul, your higher self, your essence, your truest version of you is always encouraging and walking beside you, through to your light and into alignment, even when it may feel as though it is walking you through nothing but darkness.

You my friend, are embarking on the quest for your sacred self. To not only believe, but cultivate a deep knowing from within that you are enough.

Trust that you know what you need in this moment and always.

You know exactly what you need.

Our time together is simply an invitation to come back to your breath and to come back to your body. We spend so much of our time stuck on repeat in our minds, totally disconnected and cut off from our bodies. Walking around like some kind of floating heads.

so Take a moment to consider, how do you feel in your body today?

There is no one way to feel in your body, but by observing we are able to listen to the subtle language in which our bodies speak. Our minds and bodies are interconnected. The condition of one invariably affects the condition of the other. Just as we store and hold onto emotions in the mind, we do too, in the body.

When our mind is clear we give clear signals to the body, but when our minds are heavy and unfocused, that ripples throughout the body. We create confusion, shallow breathing and tension in the body which can leave us feeling disconnected, often without knowing why.

Enter meditation.

When I first started meditating I was so afraid of getting it wrong or not experiencing those euphoric or blissful states people report from meditation, but it wasn’t until I learned that meditation much like any other wellness tool or tip, is simply a gateway tool for us to learn more about ourselves. There is no secret recipe or magic sauce. Just you and whatever enables you to development a greater sense of awareness of self, presence and stillness. That is simply all we’re seeking in this moment.

This moment together.

You may find that stillness through movement, through cooking, through reading or through being in nature. There is no wrong. Only a collection of moments, in which to bring you back to your body and the present moment.

On our journey of self discovery, it’s important to remember kindness and patience with ourselves. Our brains will always automatically go for the route of least pain and resistance but embarking on your journey, take a moment to feel proud of yourself to listening to those gentle stirs within your soul. This journey is a lifelong journey as you transition, shed and become the many, many layers of self. There is no end destination, only lessons, acceptance and trust as you cultivate the divine beautiful strength within yourself. A strength that no person, no place, nothing will ever be able to take from you. That when life happens, as it will, that whilst you may be rocked, you will always eventually come back to yourself. You will forge your own path with love and kindness for yourself.

I'd love you to share 3 ways in which you can or would like to include more of that innate feminine power and energy into your day to day life. This could be within your business of course, but it could be with how you show up with friends and family or it could even be when it comes to making decisions around what food to fuel your body with, what movement you're going to do today and what downtime and play you're going to factor in.

When you lead your life with heart and soul, knowing you are enough, it's simply a non negotiable to factor in the 'being' adjectives as well as all the 'doing' adjectives.

For example, you might pick something like:

1. Today I choose not to feel bad about the fact I had an hour extra in bed instead of going to the gym this morning because squeezing in those extra minutes is the difference between my dragging myself through the day and showing up and being present. I am enough, I show up for me.

2. I dream of being able to financially provide for myself and my family, so today I wrote a list of all the things I'm passionate about and how I can turn that into a potential revenue income stream. I allow myself to dream big and step outside the box of limitless possibilities. I am enough, I design my own life.

3. I really want to meet someone but know that in order to manifest love in my life, first I need to embody it myself, so today I'm taking some time to be in nature, will read 5 pages of my non fiction book, I'm having coffee with a friend and have brought the ingredients to make myself a really delicious dinner. I am enough on my own.

If we take the time to consider the ways that you can and already do show up each and every day that reinforce the fact that you are good enough, you will start to not only believe it but truly embody that belief too.

Coming back to your breath is always a wonderful place to centre and ground yourself.

You are experiencing the brave whisperings of the soul, traveling on this journey through the disconnect and into alignment. The alignment of your mind, body + soul. The journey to seeing and believing that you are enough, exactly as you are.

You are enough. I see you. I believe in you.

I honour all that you do and all that you are trying to move through and overcome.

Let it go.

Remember to bring yourself back into your body. You don’t need to float above or in the future or in a sea of thoughts anymore. Come back to you. Ground. You are in your body. Take a moment to notice all the sensations and feelings you have in your body today. An awareness and observation of being in the body, inhabiting it, feeling it, sensing it, knowing it, being curious about it, noticing it, exploring all the sensations of bodily existence, and letting the body speak to you on its own terms.

Don’t worry yourself too much about the person you’ll be or how you’ll become when you reach your final destination, you just need to listen to that voice inside and part of you that is no longer interested in staying in suffering any longer.

You my sweet friend, are enough.

You are home.

Until next time,

Francesca xo