Why Being A One Solution Focused Coach Doesn't Work...

Hey Well Warrior,

If you follow my social media or have spent much time looking at my online space which houses my journey as a coach to date, you'll know I'm not one for following the norm - in fact, my inner rebel actually detests the very notion of adhering or conforming to society. It's like a flip in me switches and off I go in the opposite direction. Even at times when the opposite direction doesn't serve my best interests. 

My very branding goes against what thousands of other coaches walking down a gorgeous sunlit beach with balloons in hand and sparkles a plenty, would gawk and horror at. It's intentionally dark, it's moody but it's designed to be real.

To me, life is all about the shades of grey. That's where the sweet stuff and often our innermost transformations lie. I personally do not dwell in the misty dark shadow work (I know and have worked with coaches who do) but instead encourage clients to work with the dark through the light. It is my belief, and perhaps my inner rebel's, that life can be arduous, taxing and laden with suffering enough as it is, we need not sit in the trenches and lament the darkness. Instead, we can work with a combination of both beautiful energies to help us to get to where we want to go.

So, as a rule breaker, this is my first blog of 2018. Not on January 1st but instead, the 5th February. Woahhh wild thing, calm yourself down! I know right?! You're thinking, "you need to calm down with that level of rule breaking Frou." 


Well Warrior, I hope this email finds you smiling, breaking rules and excited about a life above and below the lycra.


And if it doesn't, then perhaps we can talk about why?

As a coach still relatively early on in my career, (I've been working as a coach for 2 years now) I found it so incredibly hard to work out my 'niche', I've lost sleep over that 'one thing' I was going to help and serve the world with.
I put so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out, to get the wheels turning and to get out there serving, yet the only thing that served, was to stagnate my creativity and saw my momentum come to a screeching halt.

 I've always had such an interest in wellbeing and how the mind and body works, but I'd travelled extensively and lived abroad with a huge love for art and creativity. And what about over a decade of corporate experience, working as an EA and then running events for huge corporates, including arguably one of the biggest companies in the world; Google. 

How could I make all the pieces fit together and flow nicely into one neatly packaged service offering?

Would someone coming to me for wellbeing take me seriously offering business advice or how to explore their creativity? Did such a person even exist? Well, certainly not that I'd ever met.

I agonised for months on designing the perfect coaching offerings and worrying what people might think. (Apparently even life coaches are not immune to succumbing to those oh so human perils...huh!


Go figure! ;)) 

It was only after spending the month of January on the road attending sacred circles up the East Coast of Australia with a group of life coaches and self development junkies, whilst facing the most resistance to my own personal change and growth I've felt in a very long time (more on that later, but imagine all the feels, all the digging deep, all the confronting and awkward soul searching you can think of...yep, that was pretty much me!)

...and enter tumbleweed. 

But it occurred to me during the trip; I didn't need to design the perfect offering, nor need I worry what people thought (as frankly that's none of my business) and I certainly didn't need to be a one solution focus coach. Yes, that worked for some people, but I wasn't some people, I was me. And once again, the inner rebel in me would have her say and we'd bargain to do things differently.

My job is to inspire not to give lifestyle blueprints.

What if instead, I could encapsulate all my passions and embody them as my truth to inspire and encourage others to do the same for themselves. I could tell my story about life above and below the lycra and the common themes of nourishment of mind, body and soul would weave their way and work their magic to those ready or in need of hearing my call.

It was decided. After a long old flight back from the land down under to Blighty, you'll see that I've give the online home a bit of a refresh.

To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, I've broken our little online journey together down into wellness programmes and mentoring.


It's the best of me. All of my passions.

In their multiple forms.


So wherever your starting point.

Whatever you’re seeking, chasing or pursuing.

It’s time to come down Well Warrior.

Come down from the rafters.

Stop the rush.

The quick fixes.

Looking to the external.

It’s time to go within.

The world breathes when you soften.

And together, we're going to make this your best year yet!

Are you ready?

Book a free 30 minute complimentary chat with me about where you're at, what you're currently working through or wanting to work through:


OUR February Intention:

Well Warrior - create a sacred space to learn more about your mind, body and soul, go on a date with yourself and explore emotions, sensation, desires, dreams, as you explore accepting yourself as you are.

Get out your pen and paper and ask yourself:

How does or would it feel to accept myself as I am?

In what ways can I be more unapologetic in my life?

In what ways would I like to show up but hold myself back?

How can I turn these thoughts and feelings into actions which allow me to come home to myself. To love and accept myself exactly as I am.

Be sure to share your findings, feels and adventures with me either by commenting below, email: frou@deathbylycra.com or @frouwilliams on social.


Until next time,

Frou xo