Oh Hey Madonna!

Hey Well Warrior,

We live in a material world.

No, I’m not about to break out the Madonna soundtrack on you, but human form is about as material as it gets.

In fact, in the fast paced and busy world in which we live, even to keep our minds and bodies in working order (read: not suffering overwhelm, burnout and illness), and to enable us to follow our passions and build those heart led businesses that we crave; we need awareness, creativity, movement, stress management, nourishing food, comfortable living and a negativity free environment.

And guess what? In our time, all of this is no longer free.

It’s a bittersweet irony that the money we earn from the jobs we barely like, goes towards the healthcare that we need to keep us fit and healthy so we can go to the jobs to pay for the healthcare. Are you still with me? I do not believe that a healthy and dare I say it, a 'happy' life should cost you your entire monthly wage nor should it be a burden or hindrance to your life.

There is no end point to this journey - well not unless you die, and then that's a whole other conversation about life after death, reincarnation, spiritual views, etc. etc. And well warrior, we ain't got time for that today! 

By providing the awesome people (that's you) with the knowledge and tools that you need to help you with the ups, the downs, the pivots, the u-turns and plot twists of life and in particular entrepreneurial wellbeing then we are giving back the power for you to lead the way as you trail blaze with your heart - in all areas of your life including mind, body and soul. 


Now isn't that nifty? 


We are all creative by nature. That is simply what it means to be human. As humans we long to create and tell our stories so that long after we're gone our names and our lives fill the hearts of the people we left behind.

Telling our story isn’t about ego. It’s an opportunity to learn about different philosophies, perspectives and ways of seeing the world. By telling our story we feel connected to ourselves and to those around us.

But where do you start?

How do you begin to unravel the narrative in your mind to create something unique, beautiful and truly ‘you’?

How do you take all the ideas you have and start to execute them?

How do you turn your idea into a money making operation?

Perhaps you even have an idea of how your story starts, how you would like to live your life or even just a notion of the next chapter in mind but you just feel so overwhelmed and unsure of yourself when you think about all that you want to do or have to do to make this a reality.

It’s easier to walk away. To stick with convention and to play it safe.

To look up at the mountain and think I’ll come back when I know more, feel more confident or have more money.

But that idea, adventure or notion chose you.

It’s time to listen to that pull, even if you have no idea where the pull is going to take you.

It’s time to fill that empty space in your heart and in your body.

Your creative voice is ready to be heard.

So, it’s time to pick up the pen and start filling those pages with ink.



Until next time,

Francesca x x