What is Emotional Anatomy?

Our minds and bodies are interconnected. The condition of one invariably affects the condition of the other. Just as we store and hold onto emotions in the mind, we do too, in the body.

When our mind is clear we give clear signals to the body, but when our minds are heavy and unfocused, that ripples throughout the body. We create confusion, shallow breathing and tension in the body which can leave us feeling disconnected, often without knowing why.

I believe that our bodies have a much greater and more holistic healing capacity then what our minds can comprehend. Healing that goes beyond the lycra and the layers. One way we can do this is through emotional release bodywork. This type of bodywork truly facilitates healing and long term transformation.

We’re all familiar with talking therapies even if it’s not something we widely discuss, but what happens when we experience a life event that knocks us from our feet (whether that’s literally or metaphorically) and trauma, fear and other emotions remain in the body? Stagnating and causing blocks in our bodily systems. These emotions cannot be released through talking alone. Emotional release and energy in the body goes beyond words. Talking is a great therapy because we can understand what we’re facing and moving through on an intellectual level but when we go into the body it speaks to us on a different level in a totally different language. Regardless of what healing or self discovery you’re exploring, it can help to consider a dance between cognitive, physical, energetic and spiritual.

Today I’d love you to join me in an exercise in awareness and observation. Being in the body, inhabiting it, feeling it, sensing it, knowing it, being curious about it, noticing it, exploring all the sensations of bodily existence, and letting the body speak to you on its own terms.

Take a moment to consider, how do you feel in your body today? Perhaps you find yourself tired from the week, from overdoing it at the weekend or maybe you’re bouncing into a new week? Maybe you ache and feel sluggish? Perhaps you feel aligned and open? There is no one way to feel in your body, but by observing we are able to listen to the subtle language in which our bodies speak.

A pause gives you
breathing space
so listen
to the whispers
of the real you
waiting to happen.
- Tara Estacaan


Take a moment to consider, how do you feel in your body today?

Until next time,

Francesca xo