How to Create your Own Sacred Space.

Have you ever heard of the term sacred space?

It’s incredibly important to create and celebrate sacred space within our lives. I’m not just talking about a nicely decked out living room or boudoir (although those are lovely of course!)

Creating sacred space is a beautiful way in which to honour yourself, ask for guidance, connect more deeply to yourself, have somewhere for 5 minutes of quiet and introspection, a chance to step out of the fight or flight response, a space to do yoga, somewhere to practice meditation, relax, to set intentions for the day or week, listen to music, and purposefully create a positive vision for your life.

Simply put, your sacred space is your temple. A place or space reserved purely for your highest good. As you refocus on your inner life, you’ll find yourself calmer, clearer, happier and more inspired to follow your heart.

Dedicating an entire room is not always possible, because uhhh hello, life is expensive - it’s not about balling with all the rooms available for decoration or feeling bad for a lack of space, you can be creative with whatever space you have. We’ve all seen those Scandi home deco shows right?! Creating a space where no matter what mood or headspace you may meet that area, mentally knowing that it’s purely a space just for you can be enough to switch mindset, allow space for a situation or yourself to settle emotionally or even just to make you smile. What better reason than that?!

I currently have a sacred altar on a tray which I keep my oracle cards, crystals, keepsakes, mementos and special photos on. I like it being on a tray because of the fluidity and movement it represents, which you’ll know from previous blogs that movement and motion is pivotal in my life.

Creating sacred space, can come in many forms and today I’d love you to consider creating your own. As you know, it doesn’t have to be an entire room, a nook or a spot that you dedicate your energy to cultivating a safe, grounding, calming and happy space for you to be in. It could be as simple as having a cup of tea on your favourite sofa, creating an altar of beautiful trinkets and special objects from around the house, adding some greenery or flowers for colour, a picture of the next place on your bucket list from a magazine or printed off from Pinterest, playing calming and soothing music such the heavenly tunes from Tahlee Rouillon.

Think about hitting the senses;

touch, smell, hear + taste.

You might then think of any rituals or ceremonies which you’d like to bring into your sacred space. 

Consider today, where and what area could do with a little love and energy refresh in your life? This is a beautiful and easy way to help us connect to ourselves at a much deeper level. When you first start on your journey inwards it can be hard to know where to begin, how to ‘connect’, what you’re meant to feel or even what half the buzzwords you hear people harping on about actually mean. Creating sacred space is simply another gateway for you to access your inner tools and knowledge. It’s a chance to be able to find a space away from all the rush and busyness of life. A place to just ‘be’.
To me, creating sacred space isn’t just about a lovely space in which to spend time in, although that of course is part of it. Especially if you identify with being an empath or highly sensitive, what objects you surrounds will be incredibly important. Creating space is really about getting to know yourself, honouring yourself and creating healthy boundaries. Not boundaries to keep people out, but boundaries to lovingly protect and serve not only yourself, but those in your life too. 
I find for me, one of the quickest and easiest way to create harmony and space is with that hug in a mug cup of coffee and even better if I have soft music playing or can hear the birds outside. My goto will always be the garden or an outside space but nooks and crannies wherever I find myself works when I’m short of time and physical space. 
Creating the space and setting the tone for how you want to feel each day and on a weekly basis will greatly impact how you meet your day and week. Try it and see.