What Does Fear Mean To You?

 We all know and experience fear first hand, and for many, it’s a daily occurrence. In Chinese medicine, fear is located in the kidneys. Nervous pee anyone? 👀 The science here is probably more to do with the nerves that run up the spine or the muscles tensing, but sure, let’s start with a toilet reference, why not. 😬

Fear can have a detrimental effect not only on our emotional and mental wellbeing but also our physical wellbeing. It puts us on high alert and preps us for ‘battle’.

Fear is a feeling and byproduct of an emotion. So what’s the difference between a feeling and an emotion?

Feelings come from the neocortical regions of the brain which are influenced by our beliefs, experiences and memories, whereas emotions are lower level responses originating in the subcortical region of the brain which are biologically there to help you survive.

Emotions and feelings are simply energy that we’ve attached meaning to. So if we are able to remove the attachment to that emotion and feeling, we are free to observe them like waves in an ocean. At times, crashing over us and seemingly perpetual, and others, flowing and calm as we buoy in the water. The awareness that our emotions and feelings are not permanent is the first step in practicing non attachment beneath the layers of our beautiful selves.


“Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.”


Fear can cripple us from moving forward towards our goals and healing at a deeper level but when we take the time to look at the message in our fears we can learn to identify how to move through the discomfort and often, pain associated with fear. Fear is not the only face of our souls messengers. Sleepless nights, anxiety, sadness and worry to name but a few.

I'd love to hear a fear that you may have or had, how it may have held or holds you back, and something you’re committed to doing to move through that fear.

What can you do today to move through that layer of fear?


Froubie xo