Why a Tummy Massage Could Help with Balancing Your Hormones.

I've been on quite the gut and hormone health journey over the last decade, so I'm always looking for techniques, tools and practices that might aid happy digestive and hormonal health, so when I heard about the Maya massage (The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM) I was really intrigued to learn more and have a chance at experiencing the massage myself.

Imagine 60 minutes devoted solely to releasing any tension, emotional blocks, stimulating lymphatic drainage, restoring chi and bringing balance and harmony within digestive and endocrine systems. Sounds lush, right?!

From reading the description of the massage, I couldn’t tell if the experience was going to be relaxing or involve more deep tissue release. The only time I’ve ever had my tummy massaged was in India during an Ayurvedic massage. It's just not something that is readily done in Western culture. Have you noticed that too? 

The more research I did into practitioners, the more it became apparent it’s still a niche area for massage therapists. I only managed to find one therapist in my local area that even offered it. They offer training and have therapists registered internationally, so I’d be keen to hear how you got on finding someone locally too.

When I walked in, there was beautiful soft and light music filling the room, crystals on the side and a heavenly smelling massage oil. It all felt very lovely and relaxing. 

My healer Angie, started by asking a little about me, where I was at and what had led me to explore a Maya massage further. We then went on to discuss the origins of the Maya massage and the beliefs of the Mayan people regarding hormonal health.

They believed that a woman's uterus is the centre of her being. Any time a woman experienced a traumatic situation, this type of massage would be performed to ensure that the uterus was aligned. If it was ever misaligned, they believed, everything else in her life would be off balance. 

This got me thinking about my own hormonal health, and if the Mayan's really were onto something. 

The massage itself was really gentle but I didn't feel myself nodding off like I usually do with other types of massage. I think the fact that it's not something we're particularly used to as a culture, that it was a bit of a novelty, and there were certainly parts that felt more tender then others that kept me from drifting off right there on the massage table. 

I was given a self care post massage tutorial of how to give myself the massage, along with guidelines for doing it daily. I thought this was a beautiful touch - it could mean that I wouldn't be going back for another massage, but it felt as though the message and benefits of the massage were more important to be shared. The whole experience was deeply soothing, educational and incredibly grounding. 

I have to admit, since having the massage I haven't really continued the self care at home practise as it feels a lot like hard work to oil myself up before bed every night, but I have done the massage technique in the shower a few times with shower gel instead, and that's definitely helped, and feels more aligned with my lifestyle. Because that's what it's all about isn't it - finding things that speak and align with our own wellbeing. Taking those pieces and weaving them together in a beautiful tapestry of you.

I'm keen to try the massage again, and would love to hear if you've experienced one or are planning on having one. It's a big Maya massage thumbs up from me.

Until next time,

Frou xo