What is Embodied Leadership?

Perhaps you've heard of the not so new buzz word, 'embodied leadership' being thrown around the online and offline sphere? If I asked you, what does embodied leadership mean to you?
To me, it's about openness, impact, vulnerability, giving back, empathy, consciousness, experience, and emotion. This new wave of embodied leadership isn't specific just to women, regardless of sex, every human has masculine and feminine energy innately within. It's not about bashing men or using hate on hate to step up over others. It's about leading with heart for all of humanity. This new wave of feminine leadership is redefining what being in business means to the modern day entrepreneur and it has a pulse. Can you feel it? The energy is magnetic.
It's learning how to tap into both our masculine and feminine energy to live in alignment, with integrity and authenticity. Leading with a strong back, soft front. Living in alignment might mean to you working hours so that you can be there to drop off your bambinos and pick them up from school, having a slow start so you can go to yoga or for a walk before turning to your phone and laptop, it might mean working from home as you're highly sensitive, an empath and someone who needs to be in the quiet to regroup and recharge so you can be ready to face the world again. Businesses that allow humans to be human, real, raw and vulnerable whilst being deeply supported, understood and nourished in the process. Leaning into our edges as a strength, not weakness. 
It's finding where your passion and purpose collide, looking at how you can create impact and give back to your fellow human and mother earth. 🌏💕
This is exactly why I've created 'The Body of Business' because I truly believe that each and every human benefits when we tap into our innate feminine power. I want to empower you to question what living in alignment looks like for you, where you can soften to your edges, and how you can live the life you dream of because it's truly not as far out of reach as you may think.

Enrolment for the first round of The Body of Business is still open, so if this sounds like you then let's chat and see if this could be a good fit.

Until next time,


Frou xo