Find it Hard to Set Boundaries? Read This.

It can be a tough one for us as women to get our heads around, but with burnout, overwhelm, anxiety and depression a very real and common place scenario in our day to day lives and is only set to increase within modern society, it's time look at how we can balance our nurturing, creative and innovative nature within the structures of organisation, self discipline, and setting clear boundaries.

That sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?! It's possible, trust! 

As we explore new ways of chartering our own paths and creating lives and businesses we love, so too is it time for us to care for ourselves in such a way that aligns with those bigger visions we hold for our lives. If we don't hold ourselves in sacred space then how are we going to achieve those dreams if we're burnt out, stressed out and sick? Simply put, we can't, and the current system we're operating from is not working.

I see it time and time again, and even in myself, that operating from a place of doing all the things, supporting, fixing and mending everything for everyone in our lives leaves us with a cup that is less than half full. Living from this place leaves us frazzled, fried, tired but wired and in pits of self despair.

It has to stop, but it starts with you. You can courageously create the boundaries and structure in your life that allow you to access and restore your inner resources so that you have access to your inherent brilliance, creativity, and wisdom.

And it starts with that powerful word, 'No'.

I’d love for you to lean in and start to identify places, people and points in your life which no longer serve your highest good. They might be people, places or things that currently don't make you feel like your best self. Think about how you feel after you’ve seen someone or been somewhere - do you feel light and expansive or do you feel heavy and sluggish? If you feel heavy, anxious, sad or confused then chances are your energy has been zapped by the other person, place or thing. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be alarmed :) it’s just something to note so that when you are around these situations again you’re able to conserve and better project your energy.

It’s also worth pointing out that's not to say you will always feel like these situations are not serving your highest good, but right now, it's a loving no and I'll do what's best for me now. 

Saying that reminds me of this song by Random Rab. Listen here to help you with getting in the mood for the exercise below.

As you know my beauty bean, the most important commitment you can make is to yourself. 

And once you commit to honouring your needs and creating the structures to support you, the doubt that holds you back fades away. Yes of course, you will still have obstacles and fears to face but it's backed with an unwavering strength from your base + root chakra ... we're all out grounding you in your body don't you know ;)

So my question to you is; are you ready to commit to knowing your worth, owning your wisdom and speaking your truth without wavering?

Ask yourself today;

What are the activities, environments, and relationships that truly refill and inspire me? Am I carving out time and space to engage with these on a regular basis? What leaves me feeling expansive and what leaves me feeling depleted?

Until next time

Francesca xo