How to live in Alignment with Your Values.

We live in a time where society in many ways, has lost its own alignment to the natural rhythms of life. We defy nature on a daily basis, no longer honouring the natural ebb and flow of each day, sunrise and sunset are swapped for long working hours, and commutes. Seasons are something we can skip altogether with the click of a button and an airfare ticket in hand. We’re contactable and ‘on’ around the clock, never really sure if we’re switched off, relaxing, or exhibiting some kind of permanently exhausted pigeon vibes. Our consumerist culture continually reinforces the narrative to look outside of ourselves for answers and happiness. 

Aside from our collective fragmentation to the natural rhythms of life, how can we tell if on an individual level we’re out of alignment?

There are many ways in which we feel and become out of alignment:

  • Eating food which don’t truly nourish and make you feel good

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Not moving our bodies enough, whether that’s through your choice or HIIT or taking the dog for a walk

  • Working in a role or environment which doesn’t align with your values

  • Toxic or unhealthy relationship that don’t serve your best or higher self

  • Not being able to make a decision

  • Listening to and absorbing negative self talk

  • Ignoring intuition and not trusting that you know what’s best for you in any given situation

  • Not prioritising relaxation or switching off

  • Aimless scrolling on social media

  • Ignoring your passions and things that light you up

  • Denying pleasure, play and fun in your life

  • Procrastinating or numbing techniques to avoid dealing with, processing or feeling a certain feeling

  • As a woman, not being aware of the natural fluctuations of energy throughout your monthly cycle

Simply put, you can just feel a bit ‘off’, perhaps there’s a niggle or something you can’t quite put your finger on. If that’s how you feel reading this, don’t worry, normally when we give ourselves the space and time for things to drop in, usually they do. It’s amazing just how much a good nights sleep can help with clarity and generating some of those feel good vibes.

I’m frequently asked, “how do you know when you are living in alignment?” As a general rule;

  • You worry less about the future, meaning you’re more present and grounded in the now

  • You feel more pleasure and contentment in everyday life

  • Your mind drifts and wanders less

  • You sense an internal shift - you feel clarity and a greater sense of knowing, whether that’s around your purpose and work, or simply about how you go about your day

  • You're able to tap into your intuition and trust yourself more readily

  • Whilst you may still have moments which aren’t great or ideal, on the whole your mindset to life is a glass half full approach

  • You’re eating in a way that feels good

  • You’re moving your body in a way that leaves you feeling great

  • You’re consistently getting a good nights sleep

  • You feel a sense of purpose and filled with passion

If you find yourself feeling out of alignment, then here are 8 things that you can do today:

  1. Ask for guidance.

    Whether that’s conversations with yourself, friends on a similar path or mentors, etc. If you haven’t before then I’d consider a coach to help you during this time of transition and in reaching your goals.

  2. Actively seek answers.

    Become a student of the universe. Open yourself to experiencing and journeying through this next chapter of your life and the lessons it may bring. Sure, it won’t always be comfortable, pretty, or Instagram worthy, but in order to live in alignment, we need to be comfortable with knowing what and who takes us out of our own alignment with self.

  3. Be Prepared For change.

    A mentor once said to me, “when you step into alignment, be prepared for your life to fall apart.” At the time I thought that was awful advice but in order to change the things that aren’t currently working in our lives we have to be prepared to get uncomfortable. As mentioned in point number 2, the things that don’t serve and aren’t in alignment can’t stay. They just can’t. Simple as that. 

    Once you make a commitment to yourself to live your life from a place of truth, love, and integrity, and once you set an intention to live in alignment with your life and purpose, chances are that your old life will begin to unravel, and often, it happens quickly. Don’t be afraid. You’re ready for this change and remember, the universe only delivers what you can handle.

  4. Practice the art of gratitude.

    Keeping a daily gratitude journal (even if it’s just 3 things that you note down on your phone in notes or written down in a notebook) of the things that you are grateful for, will help you maintain a positive outlook and focused on the blessings in your life. Even on our darkest days, there is always something to be grateful for. Some days, all it is is the smell of rain, having tea in the cupboard or the ability to watch Netflix. And that’s okay, it doesn’t need to be a course in miracles, simply taking notice of what you do have, greatly increases your chances of more of the good stuff coming in. Your vibration will also stay much higher when practicing the art of gratitude.

  5. Learn how to Manifest.

    If you don’t know what you want your life to look and feel like, then how are you supposed to call it in? Give the universe a hand. It’s time to get super clear on what it is that you want in your life in alignment with your values and vision for your life. Aren’t sure? Start by writing it down with pen and paper and see what comes out for you.

  6. Let go of the need to control.

    We have no control over the cards we are dealt or the circumstances that arise in our lives, but we do have control over how we respond. When we feel out of control we send our bodies into a stress response, so it’s important to come back to your breath. Come back to the present. To Your body. With eyes closed, putting one hand on your stomach and one on your chest is a great way to ground back into your body and out of a fight or flight response. It tells your body; I am safe.

  7. Step out of ego.

    This is what living in alignment is all about. We can never get rid of our ego (nor would we want to - it’s a survival tool) but if we can work towards acknowledging it when it comes to call, and letting it leave not long after. Awareness is key here. If you notice yourself in ego, ask yourself, is this ego? Do I need to reside here?

  8. Trust your inner wisdom.

    Follow life’s natural rhythm. Take the time to tune in and listen. If it’s still not clear, don’t fret, it will come. For now, all you need to do is follow what feels expansive and feels like a deep exhale. Practice making decisions for you. Come back to trust. The trust you are beginning to cultivate in yourself. Trust and believe that things can’t always be seen but they are felt. Trust that even though your mind might not yet know what to do or where you’re going, your heart and soul do.

Living in alignment will look and feel different for everyone (as it absolutely should). Try on listening to you for size.

You and only you, know what’s best for you and your one precious life.

Yours in alignment,

Francesca xo