How Vulnerable Are You?

Always be vulnerable 

To your pain, your fear, your loneliness, 

To your pleasure, too, and your joy

To all that travels through you,

These pilgrims from a far-off land.

Don’t close the doors,

But welcome them all -

One a wild, restless spirit

Secretly longing to be tamed,

Another like a lover on a long, sweet night

Who only wants to melt in your embrace.

For this is how you grow -

By including everything.

Always, always be vulnerable 

To all that you are.

Vulnerable A Poem by Jennifer Welwood 

The word vulnerability and truth have been two words that come up a lot for me this week. I've sat with some deep lessons and integrations that have shifted a part of my soul.

But what does it mean to be vulnerable? To be vulnerable can be defined as exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, be it physically or emotionally.

My question to you is how often do you allow yourself to feel vulnerable? How often do you allow yourself to be and feel, truly seen by yourself or those around you? It’s not something we practice or even know how to feel into, without expressing or experiencing fear. Even in writing this and feeling compelled to write this to you, I experienced feelings of over exposure and vulnerability, but if it’s coming for me, there’s a chance it’s coming up for you too and I’m simply a conduit of a message that you need to hear.

We tend to shut the vulnerability down and out before it has a chance to even be felt or heard. Often through fear of opening the flood gates and not being able to close them again.

But being vulnerable is a catalyst for change. When you allow yourself to experience vulnerability, you allow yourself to feel. Being vulnerable gives you freedom. An opportunity to sit with and not judge emotions as and when they arise within you. An opportunity to heal and let go. To be more at peace within yourself. You no longer judge emotions as good or bad, you no longer question why you feel a certain way, and you allow each emotion and experience to come and go, washing over you like waves in an ocean. Simply an expression of the human condition. 

When we open ourselves to vulnerability we open ourselves to trust. A rooted trust in ourselves and a trust in the universe. An ability to trust that we already have all of the resources that we need within us to brave any storm, rewrite the story and let go of old narratives, beliefs, and mindsets. To heal whatever may need to be healed. It's coming up for a reason. 

Next time you feel the rising and uncomfortable etching of vulnerability, try to lean in. Hold on for a little longer than you normally would.




And let it go.

In Vulnerability,

Francesca xo