Feeling Uninspired? 5 Content Creation Ideas to Try Now!

Everyone is posting and everyone is scrolling, but how do we get inspired to create amazing content that actually makes people want to stop, look, read, like and really absorb and act on what it is that you are sharing? Especially, when you’re feeling depleted and empty of inspiration. If that sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time to think about creating content in a different way. Read on to find out how you can approach content creation in a new and refreshed way.

1. Ask yourself WHY you are posting and what it is you want to say

Firstly, it might sound straightforward but often we think we should post rather than because you actually have something to say (If this is the case take particular notice of point 3). So WHY are you posting? Is it because you want to sell something, promote something, share insight into something or if you’re really honest are you posting because you’re seeking validation or approval in some way shape or form? Are you filling a void? Don’t worry, this is something we all fall prey too, and it’s a lot more common than most would ever admit but the main thing, is catching ourselves and our intention for how we’re showing up on social media.

I would encourage you to ask yourself WHY you are posting every time you plan to, once you know why, then you can come from a place which is much more authentic and genuine, and this will come across so much better to your audience. Also asking yourself that question might bring up some great new content ideas in itself. Why do I want to post….instead of beating yourself up…I need to do a post, I should post.

Break the cycle. Keep it real, and tune in to how often and what you’re posting so that it feels aligned with why you’re showing up on social media in the first place, rather than just because everyone else is.

2. Get into a Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cycle of Content

If you are feeling uninspired and struggle to think of something to post day in day out, sit down and start to plan ahead and have a structure to your content. You might decide that on certain days you will post about a particular topic and then other days something else. Be realistic about how much you are posting, consistency is key rather than quantity. When you then come to create you will have already decided on the direction and you will have something to work from and refer to as guidance when you’re struggling. Having this structure and library of content can create the foundations and framework for the topics you most love to talk about.

3. Disconnect to Reconnect

It might seem counterintuitive but by disconnecting, getting outside, going for a walk, going to the gym, reading a book, meeting someone new for coffee, getting away from your phone and laptop, are all ways that are going to help you to feel inspired by so many different sources.

We often don’t allow ourselves to have time and space to daydream, ponder ideas and thoughts, by getting out on a walk without your phone you give yourself this space and you will be surprised how quickly the ideas flow…just make sure you jot them down before they float away again.

4. Have you Told your Story Yet?    

Why not take it back to where it all started, have you shared your own story with your audience? You might be constantly projecting and trying to create new content that keeps your audience engaged, informed and interested….but there is a reason they are seeing your content in the first place, because something drew them to you. But have you taken the time to share with them your background, how you got to where you are now, what have been your struggles, your triumphs, your heartbreaks, and dreams? It is the topic you know better than anyone else and reading about how someone got to where they are and down their career paths, for example, always makes for an interesting read!

5. Get your audience involved

This connects back to WHY you are posting. If you are after engagement, increased audience, building a community, educating, why not be inclusive of your audience? Invite them to help create content, share their message and knowledge, their content, give someone a shout out, share people who inspire you. A problem shared and all that.

What are you go-to ways to feel inspired with creating content? We’d love to know!

In Finding inspiration,

Harriet x