How to Detox Your Life

Sometimes, despite the best of our efforts, life can leave us feeling overwhelmed, out of centre or just off balance, and when that happens we often hear the word detox being thrown around. We’re not just talking about a detox in relation to nourishment, whilst of course, that can be part of it. But what about all the other factors in your life that make up you?

Before we dive into the specifics, what does the word detox mean to you? By definition to detox is to rid ourselves of unspecified toxins or substances which have accumulated in the body which may have both short and long term consequences on our health and wellbeing.

Perhaps it might also mean any or all of the following:

- A cleanse
- A chance to refresh and reset
- A moment to pause
- An opportunity to come back to neutral or an equilibrium
- To feel aligned and connected to ourselves once more

So Why might we seek a detox?

- We want to make changes in our lives
- We might have health complaints or ailments
- We feel that there is more to live and experience than we currently are
- We feel that we’ve outgrown our current experience
- We’re ready for something new
- Life ‘forces’ our hand - for example through circumstances such as a breakup, being made redundant, the loss of a loved one, or a spiritual awakening, etc.

As you know, here at DBLC we’re all about doing the inner work, and on our quest into both our internal and external worlds, we’ve narrowed how to detox your life into the following categories:

Detox Your Mind

As we go throughout each day our minds become cluttered with thoughts that can leave us feeling foggy and unclear. When we are weighed down by our thoughts this leaves us disconnected from our bodies but when we take the time to cleanse and detox our thoughts we can reduce the emotional charge to a situation, feel less cluttered and fragmented in our thoughts and feel much more present generally.

Some of the ways in which we can create change within our brains is through our:

  • Thinking (Beliefs and Attitudes)

  • Emotions (Mindfulness and Resilience)

  • Behaviour (New Healthy Habits)

In its simplest terms, your mind and mental states quite literally become your brain.

So How Can We Detox Our Mind?

  • Starting with awareness

  • Cultivating an understanding of our inner dialogue

  • Beginning to identify what thoughts and beliefs we have

  • Being able to discern what thoughts are our own or learned behaviour from our conditioning

  • Looking at the current scripts and programmes that we are running

  • Asking ourselves what serves and what no longer does

  • Practicing the art of kindness

  • Knowing that you are not your thoughts and reducing the attachment to each and every thought as it pops into your mind

  • Try to replace a negative thought with something positive, and if you can't find something positive then replace it with something neutral instead

  • Identifying when you have clouded or thoughts which don’t serve your highest self that it's a good idea to take a break from whatever it is you're doing to redirect your thoughts and mindset

  • Meditation greatly helps with mind clutter

  • Moving your body is a great way to get out of your head and back into your body

Detox Your Body

The body does not speak in words, it speaks to us in symptoms and signals. Our job is to slow down long enough so that we can tune in and listen. More and more people are awakening to the power of the mind body connection and through that being able to discern what our bodies truly need and require of us in any given moment. To do this, it requires us to trust ourselves and our bodies innate natural wisdom.

So How Can We Detox Our Body?

  • Movement - sweating is one of the quickest ways to get toxins and stagnant energy moving through and out our body

  • Starting to think about movement vs.exercise - what makes your body feel good? What makes your body feel stress / exhausted / out of balance?

  • Achieve the end results now. How can you reframe your thinking around being happy when the scales read a certain number? What is it that you think you will feel when you reach that target weight? How can you feel that now in this moment?

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep and repeat

  • Nourish your body - try intuitive eating and tuning into what your body truly needs

  • Reduce inflammation through eating a more alkaline diet AKA eat more green leafy vegetables

  • Look at the current stressors in your life and how you might reduce or remove them

  • Drink lots of water

  • Infrared Sauna

  • Dry Skin Brushing

Detox Your Spiritual

Or also known as your soul.

When we talk about doing soul work we often think of it as wading through murky waters and treading through unknown territory. It is said that most of us experience a “true calling” towards our life purpose, but most of us never truly “hear” or answer them.

So how do we know if we’re on the right spiritual path? And if we know we’re on the right spiritual path then how do we know if we need a detox from it?

You don’t necessarily need to quit your job, get divorced, sell your house, leave your friends or abandon your life to embark on a spiritual path. At DBLC we don’t believe that there is just one thing that we are all here to do and if you miss it then you’re destined for a life of uncertainty and misery. We believe you can assign meaning and bring soulful intent to everything you do in life.

For example, you may be a really good listener and feel alive when you’re helping others but that doesn’t mean you have to become a counsellor unless that is something you feel is truly aligned with all the other factors in your life. Things like can you make it work financially? Do you want to spend large amounts of time on your own in between clients? Not everyone who is a good listener should be a counsellor - you may have already had a well-established career before you had the realisation or revelation of what your soul purpose might be, and you don’t necessarily need to rush out and quit everything you’ve been doing on this path so far in order to fulfil your life purpose.

Most roles involve people so there will be elements of listening you can implement to get you started and if that then feels like it’s not enough, then you might start to take the steps to find out about taking more of an HR or manager role in your current capacity, and if you still have the stirs (or sometimes what feels like kicks from your soul on where to go and what to do next) then you might look into how you might become a counsellor.

You will know what is right for you and when. Tune into your intuition and ask yourself what is right. Only you know the answers. Think of starting this journey as becoming more in tune with your soul, and exploring what is no longer supporting your growth and self-exploration.

Signs you’re on the right spiritual path:

  • You feel grounded and centred

  • You feel a deep sense of calm

  • You’re excited and motivated for each new day ahead and feel a sense of possibility and hope around you

  • Everything feels as though it just flows

  • Things just feel “right” and start aligning for you

  • You feel less concerned with other things which may have previously been a worry of yours

  • You care less what people think

  • You find yourself not worrying about the past or the future, you feel good in the now

  • You feel content

  • You don’t allow obstacles to stop you

  • You feel confident in your ability to make a decision

As we go throughout our day we feed our soul, whether it's with things that light us up or weigh us down. That is why our soul needs the occasional cleansing, just like our body to rid ourselves of toxins. So how exactly do you come to know that you might need a spiritual detox? Here are a few signs that can help you in identifying whether you need spiritual detox.

Signs you’re in need of a spiritual detox:

  • You feel out of balance and out of alignment

  • You feel as though you’re all up in your head and disconnected from your body

  • You feel confused, overwhelmed and uncertain

  • Things generally feel cloudy right now

  • You have a sense there’s something else or more for you but you don’t know how or where to begin

  • Things feel stop-start right now

  • You’re scrolling endlessly through social media - unsure of what you are looking for

  • You feel numb towards life generally

  • You keep finding yourself in circumstances where you feel like the victim

  • You don’t sleep well

  • You feel endlessly bored

  • You’re experiencing a dark night of the soul

  • Yearning or feeling of something more or something else out there

  • Pain, discomfort, and unease in life generally

  • You may be experiencing depression and anxiety

  • You feel as though your life is false

  • You are craving for meaning and purpose

  • You feel completely lost and alone

  • You see how unhappy most people are

  • You desire to be alone

  • Conversations seem shallow

  • You want to quit your job

  • The truth and authenticity feels more important to you than ever before

  • You want to understand who you are

  • Physical symptoms and illnesses such as changing sleeping patterns, dizziness, fluctuations in energy

Surrendering to the Hurricane

People often associate listening to your calling and accepting your spiritual awakening as a great hurricane. It’s natural to experience fear and resistance but the more you struggle with the internal shifts happening in your world, the more you’ll feel pain, lost and disconnected. The best thing you can do is try to make peace with whatever circumstances may be unfolding in your life and surrender to what will be.

How Can you Detox Your Spiritual?

  • Practice kindness to yourself

  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up and have experienced something thing similar

  • Self-care is an absolute priority right now - it will be the last thing you feel like doing but if you can try and maintain some kind of consistency with how you eat, sleep, and move, then this will help keep you centred as much as possible

  • Get outside in nature and surround yourself with mama earth

  • Declutter your space - both mentally through journalling and physically through having a tidy up. More on that below.

  • Practice one small act of kindness each day - doing something small for someone else will help to ease the burden and take away from the intensity of how you’re feeling

  • Be okay with not feeling okay right now

  • Find ways to cocoon yourself through this time - reading, gentle walks, extra sleep, etc. Listen to what you need most during this time

  • Explore what parts of you are creating resistance and how you can help assist the process

Detox Your Energy

Energy really is everything. If you identify as being sensitive, as an empath and an intuitive, then this will especially be true for you and it's important to take stock of where your energy reserve is going and how you manage bringing yourself back to neutral in a world that can be draining, in particular for the sensitive and empaths.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after interactions with certain people or situations? How sometimes you walk away feeling uplifted and energised, whilst others, you feel depleted and drained? This is to do with you either leaking your energy or having your energy vamped.

Implementing strong boundaries will really help with leaking your energy and not allowing those who vamp your energy to leave you feeling too depleted, but what if for example you work with someone you find draining or they are in your family? In some circumstances and situations, you simply can't remove yourself, but what you can do is learn techniques such as cord-cutting and visualisations to help preserve your energy.

Ways to Detox Your Energy:

  • Visualisations

  • Meditations and breathing exercises

  • Spending time alone to reconnect and recharge

  • Switching off from digital

  • Spending time outdoors

  • Breathwork

  • Oracle Cards

  • Music

  • Journalling

  • Taking a shower or even washing your face - the healing powers of water

Detox Your Emotions

It's important to remember that as humans we are emotional and sensual beings and that means being able to play out and 'sit' with the full spectrum of human emotion, even the perceivably negative or 'bad' emotions.

We don't think that we ever get truly comfortable with emotions like sadness, resentment, jealousy, anger, rejection or rage, but we can make peace with them being an inevitable part of our everyday experience. When we try to reject or disown these parts of our emotions, then we are rejecting and disowning these parts of ourselves.

What happens if we reject and disown parts of ourselves?

If we are unable to acknowledge and witness all parts of ourselves then our shadow self will act out in ways that later leaves us questioning why we did something. For example, you may have been really good with your food all week, suppressing the urges to eat what you were truly craving and pushing aside the thoughts and feelings inside only in a moment of weakness to completely go the opposite way and eat everything in sight leaving you feeling bad about yourself and like a failure. When this happens it's because we didn't deal with the root cause, we just masked the problem with control without understanding why we had the urges in the first place.

If you find yourself in these situations, it's firstly important to acknowledge there is absolutely nothing wrong with you for feeling or acting in this way. When we suppress anything it will come out in destructive ways. You are not your thoughts or actions but in having the awareness we can begin to have the conversation around why and what emotions you may need to look into a little more deeply.

We do this by practicing no judgment, and by being kind and gentle with ourselves.

Ways to Detox Your Emotions:

  • Movement is a great way to bring emotions to the surface for us to move through the body and release - in particular, movement like yoga and running

  • Taking time for introspection and alone time - this doesn’t mean cutting yourself off or removing yourself but simply tuning in to when you might need time and space to process your emotions

  • Not attaching too much to any emotion - be it good or bad

  • Letting emotions come and go, knowing that tomorrow is a new day

  • Not judging ourselves for having an emotion even if it is one that may be perceived as ‘bad’

  • Understanding that there is no such thing as a bad emotion, simply a message which requires our attention to be acknowledged and worked through

  • Writing is a great way to get thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper

  • Chanting and singing are a great way to release stagnant energy, in particular in our throat chakras where we often find it hard to vocalise our thoughts and feelings

  • If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with a perceived negative emotion such as anger, sadness or rage you might like to try screaming into a pillow

  • Music can shift the mood of a room our ourselves with the press of a button - get the music on and get moving

  • Affirmations

Detox Your Relationships

Humans are social tribal creatures, it’s ingrained in our DNA and was hard wired for our survival. The people in our life are often there because we've collected them on our merry way throughout life, but we don't often stop to ask is this person or relationship lifting me up and empowering me to be my best version of self? Often, we end up in friendships, with partners and work dynamics feeling stuck and unheard, and this is especially true for family. Over the course of our lives, we spend most of our time with just 5 people. Just 5! Do you know who your 5 are?

Why is it important to detox our relationships?

  • To move forward in our lives and not be kept small by other people’s visions of previous versions of self

  • To surround ourselves with like-minded people who lift us up and energise us

  • To help us to be the best that we can be

  • To meet people with different views on life that help us grow and expand our horizons

  • To experience more of the depth of connection that life has to offer

  • To create space for more of what we need and want to come into our lives

  • To not be held back or feel bad about who we are and what we want to be

We are who we spend the most time and experience shows that happy, successful people spend most of their time with other people who are happy and successful too.

Ask yourself, are there any people or relationships in your life which are preventing you from stepping more towards the visions of you that you have for yourself? You might not be able to remove yourself completely, but in what ways could you limit time/interaction and conserve your boundaries around this person or people?

Ways to Detox Your Relationships:

  • Ask yourself who you spend most of your time with - are they aligned with where you’re going and who you want to be?

  • Ask yourself who do you need to spend more time around in order to live a life that you adore? Research networking groups, meet-ups or local clubs where people who are aligned with more of what you want and like to do are likely to be

  • Focus on all the good things you’ve built with friends and families over the years - what you focus on grows.

  • Try to communicate more clearly with those in your life about your needs.

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to cut anyone and everyone out who doesn’t serve your best interest. Sometimes it’s not always possible to cut people out as they might be family or a friend we’ve had for most of our life. If that’s the case you might limit the time spent around those people and put in tools in place for the times where you do have to deal with them.

  • Make peace with those who have come and gone from your life either with them directly or if that’s not possible, then you might release them yourself through writing them a letter which you keep.

  • Remember that each and every person in your life has contributed to your growth and evolution in someway, practice kindness to yourself knowing that not everyone will be with you on your journey forever, some are here for a lifetime, some a season and some a reason.

Detox Your Career / Business

We live in a time inundated with messaging telling us to find our purpose and live with meaning - it can be SO overwhelming. We feel as though we have to have that one thing we do or have it all figured out in order to be a 'success' which leaves us stuck and stagnant experiencing perfection paralysis, or worse, feeling as though it's too late to make any changes in our lives and career. But it's never too late. It might not always be easy (in fact it rarely is - but it's never too late).

We often experience discomfort and discontentment around work and career when we are out of alignment and not in tune with our soul connection. The truth is, for most of us we have to take a job to pay the bills but that doesn't mean you can't make money doing something you love or that you need to feel bad if you're happy doing a job that enables you to live the life that you want. These are all choices we make around what we want from life and what our priorities are. This is why knowing what our core values in life are is incredibly important so we know what we're aiming for.

If having your own business or being a CEO isn't a priority or aligned with your core values and conducive of how you want to live your life, then you don't need to feel bad around friends or seeing people on social media out there following that dream or pursuit. It's not our dream so we can put it back and let it go. But because we live in a state of always doing and being more, we end up grabbing onto every single career prospect, idea or person for fear of letting them go and making the wrong choice, so it can be hard to discern what we truly want and what is actually aligned for us. We live in a time where we have so many choices in all areas of our lives it actually leaves us overwhelmed and at a loss for what is right for us.

If you feel confused and uncertain with your working life right now here are somethings you can do to help you come back to neutral:

  • Take some time off and away from the office to disconnect and reconnect to yourself

  • Try and talk to someone at work who you wouldn't normally talk too

  • Seek out other opportunities and projects that you might be able to take on to grow your skillset and give you the headspace to think about where you might like to pivot to next

  • Make a list of everything you like in your industry or desired industry

  • Take some time to feel into what your core values are regarding work or running a business. What is important to you when it comes to your work and career?

  • Describe your ideal working day and then ask yourself what can you implement from that list today?

  • Take some time to consider what you enjoy doing or thinking about when you have time and space. What are you passionate about?

Detox Your Environment

Our environment is everything. It sets the scene for how we feel and even how we show up. Our outer world reflects our inner world so it's important that we continually create more space for more of what the next level you requires.

Clear space = clear mind

Ways in which you could detox your environment are:

  • Have a clear-out and repurpose anything which no longer aligns with who you are and who you want to be by giving to a charity so other people can benefit from things you no longer need or have space for

  • Purchase intentionally - when purchasing food, clothes or things for the house, ask yourself is this a soulfully aligned purchase or is this purchase a knee-jerk reaction for masking a feeling you don't want to feel? Often we make purchases to distract ourselves from feeling a certain way or to make ourselves feel better about a certain situation or circumstance. There's nothing wrong with this but it's helpful to get clear on why we're purchasing what we are.

  • Create a vision board for more of what you're calling into your life so then you can purchase intentionally

  • Clean the cupboards and fridge at home

  • Smudge with sage - clearing energetic residue from your environment helps to remove any negative energy from a room or an object

  • Create an altar of your favourite trinkets, photos, and objects which will act as a sacred space and safe haven for you in your house.

Detox Your Digital

Digital Hygiene. It's important to detox our digital for our mental and emotional health.

Ask yourself, how do you feel after time spent scrolling through social media? If you find yourself feeling depleted, wondering what you’re doing with your life, comparing yourself to someone else either in the form of where they’re traveling, what they do for work or their aesthetic features, then it might be time to reframe how you currently use social media. You don’t necessarily have to remove yourself from all the apps, because when used in the right way, social media can be an incredible tool for connection, community and sharing your self-expression.

It can be useful, however, to ask yourself if your scrolling is associated with boredom and something to do to fill the time, if so, what else might you do with that time instead? Are you procrastinating and avoiding the task at hand, if so, try removing your phone out of eyesight so you can immerse yourself in what needs to be done. The satisfaction you’ll feel from completing that task will far outweigh any time spent scrolling through the ether of social.

The subliminal messages from social media that we face every time we open an app is repeatedly drawing our attention away from our own inner world, where the transformation of body love and self-image is truly found, and instead, has us searching outwards and continually seeking validation in who we are.

Tools to Detox Your Digital:

  • Create strong morning and evening rituals which don't involve the screen or minimal time with the screen to set you up for the day and leave you ready for slow mode and bed

  • Learning to find harmony and a level of use that feels aligned for you

  • Start to take notice of your usage across all of your screens and see what energises you and what leaves you feeling depleted. If it helps, write it down

  • Having regular switch off days or hours where you leave your phone in another room

  • Sleep with your phone in another room and invest in an alarm clock

  • If using digital for business or for your job then look to see where you can automate and systematise so you can get what you need to done and then go on with your day

  • Get out in nature when it all gets too much

  • Download an app like F.lux for your desktop to minimise blue screens on your eyes

Where have you found you are in most need of a detox in your life? We’d love to know.