How to Find More Meaning and Purpose in Life.

How to Find More Meaning and Purpose in Life.

For as long as we humans have walked this earth, we have sought to find greater purpose and meaning in our existence. For thousands of years, the question remains, is there a greater meaning and purpose to life or is the extent to which the human mind constitutes meaning and purpose entirely subject to the individual?

What’s in Your Wellbeing Toolkit?

What’s in Your Wellbeing Toolkit?

I was recently asking during a podcast interview with Travis Barton what was in my wellbeing toolkit so it got me thinking. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years immersed (read completely down the rabbit hole and not coming out anytime soon) in learning about different wellbeing practices, techniques and working with a wide spectrum of practitioners. And much like anything, there’s been a huge amount of trial and error within that exploration. Some experiences have been wonderful, even life changing, and others, what have felt like a total waste of time and money. Whilst in reality, there’s no such thing, simply lessons learnt and experiences had, which had not met my own personal expectations of what that wellness modality or practitioner could or should have offered me. What is should anyway? A conversation for another time perhaps. Back to our wellbeing toolkits…

How to live in Alignment with Your Values.

How to live in Alignment with Your Values.

We live in a time where society in many ways, has lost its own alignment to the natural rhythms of life. We defy nature on a daily basis, no longer honouring the natural ebb and flow of each day, sunrise and sunset are swapped for long working hours, and commutes. Seasons are something we can skip altogether with the click of a button and an airfare ticket in hand. We’re contactable and ‘on’ around the clock, never really sure if we’re switched off, relaxing or exhibiting some kind of permanently exhausted pigeon vibes. Our consumerist culture continually reinforces the narrative to look outside of ourselves for answers and happiness. 

Aside from our collective fragmentation to the natural rhythms of life, how can we tell if on an individual level we’re out of alignment?

New Year, Not A New You.

New Year, Not A New You.

New Year is a time for many to refresh, start over or begin something new. A chance for us to put into action and implement the many things that we want to do, see and achieve in our lives. It can also be an incredibly testing and tough time for many, as we transition out of holiday mode, Christmas and New year celebrations, the post festive splurge and often, lots of alcohol and sugary foods which can leave us feeling less than our best. Holiday celebrations and the start of a New Year can leave us feeling depleted, down and even questioning our life choices.

For some, it’s a winter in a literal sense, and for others, it’s merely a winter of mind.

How to Create your Own Sacred Space.

How to Create your Own Sacred Space.

Have you ever heard of the term sacred space?

It’s incredibly important to create and celebrate sacred space within our lives. I’m not just talking about a nicely decked out living room or boudoir (although those are lovely of course 😉)

Creating sacred space is a beautiful way in which to honour yourself, ask for guidance, connect more deeply to yourself, have somewhere for 5 minutes of quiet and introspection, a chance to step out of the fight or flight response, a space to do yoga, somewhere to practice meditation, relax, to set intentions for the day or week, listen to music, and purposefully create a positive vision for your life.

Simply put, your sacred space is your temple. A place or space reserved purely for your highest good. As you refocus on your inner life, you’ll find yourself calmer, clearer, happier and more inspired to follow your heart.

What is Emotional Anatomy?

What is Emotional Anatomy?

Our minds and bodies are interconnected. The condition of one invariably affects the condition of the other. Just as we store and hold onto emotions in the mind, we do too, in the body.

When our mind is clear we give clear signals to the body, but when our minds are heavy and unfocused, that ripples throughout the body. We create confusion, shallow breathing and tension in the body which can leave us feeling disconnected, often without knowing why.

What is Embodied Leadership?

What is Embodied Leadership?

Perhaps you've heard of the not so new buzz word, 'feminine leadership' being thrown around the online and offline sphere? If I asked you, what does feminine leadership mean to you?
To me, it's about openness, impact, vulnerability, giving back, empathy, consciousness, experience, and emotion. This new wave of feminine leadership isn't specific just to women, regardless of sex, every human has masculine and feminine energy innately within.

Oh Hey Madonna!

Oh Hey Madonna!

Hey Well Warrior,

We live in a material world.

No, I’m not about to break out the Madonna soundtrack on you, but human form is about as material as it gets.

In fact, in the fast paced and busy world in which we live, even to keep our minds and bodies in working order (read: not suffering overwhelm, burnout and illness), and to enable us to follow our passions and build those heart led businesses that we crave; we need awareness, creativity, movement, stress management, nourishing food, comfortable living and a negativity free environment.

Are These Signs From the Universe?

Human form, the house in which we walk this plane. Our life’s journey is context for understanding our relationship with nutrition, fitness, movement, thoughts, and our wellbeing as a whole. The body whispers messages to us each and every day. Slow down. Don't rush. There's no need to push. Don't hold onto this. Let go of that. There are subtle cues and prompts taking place within and around you all the time. 

But what exactly does that mean? Everything in life is intricately pieced together to weave a web of narrative unfolding a story; your story. And the most important thing in your life, is your life story. 

We can understand a lot about our story when we take the time to consider key pillars and influencers in our lives. Who am I as a person? What is it like to live in these shoes?

Healing goes far deeper than simply changing a diet or a fitness routine. Yes, diet and exercise allows us to build the foundations for a strong house, but it is not the soul solution. We as humans are not wired with an on or off switch in which we are able to show up in a particular way.

Quite often, even we ourselves don't understand why we may be showing up in a particular way - be it dark or light energies we are omitting. There are many layers which make up who we are as beings. So many beautiful and fascinating layers in which to explore and uncover. We call them soul centres and often when we feel a certain way, even when it may not make sense to think or feel that way, it can be a calling for your soul centres to be rebalanced.

There are simple but powerful ways to balance your soul centres. Starting with restful sleep, making time to create a nourishing meal, music, catching up with loved ones and rebounding from the positive energy the interaction brings, grounding yourself with your feet on the earth, feeling the soil, grass or sand beneath you and the big one, being back in Mother Nature.

When we take a moment to pause for breath, we can see how the universe is speaking to us through the body. Through our power house. It's a sign to ask deeper questions and look into our thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams. 

So what question is your body asking today? 

Do you Believe in Magic?

Words by Frou Williams.

Folklore and fairies date back to as early as the 13th century. Most of us think of fairies as tiny creatures, flitting about with shiny pretty wings, waving a magic wand, but history and folklore tell a different tale.

Oh hello Mr Hobgoblin 👋🏼👹 (although apparently these guys are the goodies - they help with housework so you might want to let them stay 😜)

On Letting your Inner Child Run Free...

Words by Frou Williams.

Ahhh 🙏🏼 for the first time in weeks with the hurricane of changes finally able to sit down and get the creative hat on. Letting the inner child free and inviting Peter Pan to play with some nourishing activities for mind, body and inemy* 👌🏼✨🤓🙃

The perfect Monday evening 😎📝🖍✂️🖼 *if you don't know what an inemy is where have you been hiding my friend? 👀 An inemy is what I like to think of as the little scared child in each of us that sometimes (okay, okay a lot) gets pretty loud and tries to run the show out of fear.

Know the one? Yeahhh...the one that tells us we're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. *yawn* 😴's often confused with an enemy because damn does that inner me have some crazy off the charts thoughts!

I do not believe that we should try to quieten, ignore or silence that voice and narrative because it's a part of who we are and it's always going to be there in some shape or form (and that's totally okay too by the way) but when we begin to look at the deeper message and work out what needs to be heard, vocalised and brought to the table it's amazing the shift in mind set that can take place.

A lot of it is plain old nonsense sure, but if we can learn how to wade through the murky unchartered waters of fear then we can learn to tune in and pick up on what our inemy needs us to hear. And for the most part, he or she just wants to be acknowledged.

Exploring your creativity is a wonderful way for your inemy to be expressed and nurtured in a calm and safe space. Creativity comes in many forms and it doesn't need to be in a traditional painting or drawing sense. My creativity is through how I move my body, what I feed her and all those glorious adventures.

So tell me, what's your creative outlet? 🙃✨

Beginner’s Guide: Health 101

Words by Frou Williams.

That user manual you mentioned...

Just imagine, how much easier our lives would be if we were born with a 'user manual' or 'owner's guide' where we could unlock the key that tells each of us what we need to eat and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

But you see, each person has their own unique story with food which makes there billions of different complexities that can factor into how we choose to eat and live our lives that go way beyond calories.

So where do we start?

Nowadays we live in an information rich society whist whilst for the most part is something that we are incredibly lucky to have and to be given such an array or opportunities to chose from, but when it comes to the mind field that is the 'diet' or 'nutrition' fuelling our bodies can sometimes be a tad overwhelming and even downright stressful. Generally, we tend to eat out of habit, whether that has been passed down to us or from our own patterns that we've formed over time.

What do we do about it?

Well, firstly we need to listen to our bodies, they are much smarter than us! Secondly, we need to learn how to step out of the rigid and restrictive paradigm which is backed and rallied by the glossies and social media archives of passive aggressive quotes screaming 'abs are made in the kitchen' and where picture after picture of the unattainable perfect body is laid out before our impressionable little eyes. We need to retrain our thoughts to prevent the hammering of mental and physical torture that we put ourselves through and simply, learn how to play again.

To explore our bodies and how good they are capable of feeling. We are designed to move, to flow and to feel free - free of fear whether that be from mind or body. How do we eliminate a fear that is so ingrained and instilled in our society? The most important ingredient of playing is fun. Besides feeling good, you're actually learning when you're having fun so if educate ourselves in order to make conscious food choices and adopt a suitable exercise regime that suits our individual needs and goals then we can explore ways to have fun within these realms.

Playfulness is in our nature, in our roots. Like animals, we're born with an instinct to play. It's the state of mind that defines play, not the activity itself. Even hippopotami do handstands underwater so when did we get so serious and place those shackles around our own wrists, heads and hearts?


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" Plato (427-347 B.C)

By today's standards play is viewed as immature, nonproductive and worse, a waste of time but with the ever increasing pace and stresses of modern life, where we can't be sure of anything anymore, a job or a relationship could be gone tomorrow, it's most important than ever to bring back playful pursuits. We need to help each other. Human beings have always thrived within a community so why not build a community steeped in fundamental knowledge which is explored through playfulness and love in which we can share, collaborate and learn from one another?


Frou xo