How to Find Logic in Your Emotions

How to Find Logic in Your Emotions

Emotions, interpreted for their purest intentions, are messages. They are a complex conversation between your mind and body, seeking to influence behaviour as they inform you of how you feel/ think about a situation.

They’re the group chat between your physiology and psychology, as your body physically responds to your mental state and vice versa. An effective message sent with honest intentions, which I would like to believe is what our bodies are trying to do for our minds, would not send a message without any content. You would never purposefully send someone an empty email or blank text message. Similarly, our emotions should not be interpreted as ‘just feelings’.

How To Become a Better Decision Maker

How To Become a Better Decision Maker

The first thing that needs to be understood about your decisions is that it is a valuable resource. One of the greatest favours we can do for ourselves is to take time to understand that our time, effort and personal experience is valuable. For this reason, the choices we are faced with can weigh heavily on us. As their importance becomes emphasised, proportionately so does our stress surrounding those decisions.

What Does Fear Mean To You?

What Does Fear Mean To You?

We all know and experience fear first hand, and for many, it’s a daily occurrence. In Chinese medicine, fear is located in the kidneys. Nervous pee anyone? 👀 The science here is probably more to do with the nerves that run up the spine or the muscles tensing, but sure, let’s start with a toilet reference, why not. 😬

Fear can have a detrimental effect not only on our emotional and mental wellbeing but also our physical wellbeing. It puts us on high alert and preps us for ‘battle’.

Fear is a feeling and byproduct of an emotion. So what’s the difference between a feeling and an emotion?

Calling All Those in Need of a Mindful Retreat...

Calling All Those in Need of a Mindful Retreat...

Mental Retreat:

Sometimes, (okay a lot of the time) life is overwhelming, it leaves us feeling stressed out, burnt out and frankly,  in need of an escape. More often than not, it’s not always possible or practical to just hop on a plane (she says, finding herself in Sydney after just spending the best part of 30 hours on a plane).

Sure, Frou. Sure.

Are These Signs From the Universe?

Human form, the house in which we walk this plane. Our life’s journey is context for understanding our relationship with nutrition, fitness, movement, thoughts, and our wellbeing as a whole. The body whispers messages to us each and every day. Slow down. Don't rush. There's no need to push. Don't hold onto this. Let go of that. There are subtle cues and prompts taking place within and around you all the time. 

But what exactly does that mean? Everything in life is intricately pieced together to weave a web of narrative unfolding a story; your story. And the most important thing in your life, is your life story. 

We can understand a lot about our story when we take the time to consider key pillars and influencers in our lives. Who am I as a person? What is it like to live in these shoes?

Healing goes far deeper than simply changing a diet or a fitness routine. Yes, diet and exercise allows us to build the foundations for a strong house, but it is not the soul solution. We as humans are not wired with an on or off switch in which we are able to show up in a particular way.

Quite often, even we ourselves don't understand why we may be showing up in a particular way - be it dark or light energies we are omitting. There are many layers which make up who we are as beings. So many beautiful and fascinating layers in which to explore and uncover. We call them soul centres and often when we feel a certain way, even when it may not make sense to think or feel that way, it can be a calling for your soul centres to be rebalanced.

There are simple but powerful ways to balance your soul centres. Starting with restful sleep, making time to create a nourishing meal, music, catching up with loved ones and rebounding from the positive energy the interaction brings, grounding yourself with your feet on the earth, feeling the soil, grass or sand beneath you and the big one, being back in Mother Nature.

When we take a moment to pause for breath, we can see how the universe is speaking to us through the body. Through our power house. It's a sign to ask deeper questions and look into our thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams. 

So what question is your body asking today? 

Feeling Lost? Then Try This.

Words by Frou Williams.

“Do you ever feel that way?"


I search for the words. "Restless. As if you haven't really met yourself yet. As if you'd passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt - 'Ah! There I Am! I've been missing that piece!' But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again."

'Yes, lost.'

It's Sunday morning and as I sip my coffee, this week the universe has brought many thoughts and lessons around searching and feelings of being lost. It occurred to me, that perhaps we need not focus on what happens when we find that missing piece or indeed those pieces but instead focus on the journey or the process of the exploration in those pieces. Perhaps that's where the sweet spot lies, in getting lost. If you think about it, getting lost is just another way of saying 'I'm going exploring.” And wow, such beautiful paths can't be discovered without first getting lost.

For anyone who feels lost in their own way right now, as I too have felt lost, going back to who you are and what you love or moving forward to whoever you are meant to be or meant to love, is the purpose of being lost. There is no shame in being lost. In fact there is excitement and new layers as we shed our skin and we lose ourselves, so we can find another layer of who we truly are. And when we let go of the need to control the journey or even loosen the reins just a little to find out, it's then we're able to discover a new and better version of ourselves.

Sometimes we have to realise that things will never change if we don’t make a change in and for ourselves. To accept that change is here and it's an inevitable part of life. And sometimes, we have to lose ourselves in order to learn and to uncover the next chapter.

So what's your next chapter? 📝 💗

I would say I'm wishing you a peaceful Sunday but instead, I want you to get out there, get mucky, get lost and keep searching.

Frou xo

How to Find your Kintsugi...

Words by Frou Williams.

Today I'm feeling curious about the 500 year old art of kintsugi, or “golden joinery" a philosophy not of replacement, but in awe, reverence, and restoration. The emphasis in kintsugi is not actually on physical appearance, it is…the beauty and the importance that stays in the one who is left looking. Cryptic message I hear you cry?

Well, let's take a look at general Western consensus on broken objects, things and to an extent in our culture, 'people' (think a never ending conveyor belt of swipe left, swipe right dating apps😉), how these objects and people might have lost their value, tossed aside and paved way for the new but there's something quite charming and refreshing about the concept of kintsugi and believing that never ending consumerism is not actually a spiritually rewarding experience. Karmically speaking, we stink. 😷


Whilst the quote might be somewhat ethnocentric and not actually accurate to suggest piecing together broken china with gold. I'm not sure my brew would stay put ☕️💔 BUT, to me, one piece of broken ceramic finds another. The cracks between them symbolise the wound. The work is a metaphor of the struggle of life that makes an individual more wise and beautiful through all the pain and darkness that we ALL face in life.

Meaning, the more work you do on healing yourself from the inside out and creating your own magical weave of gold (sprinkle that shit everywhere) 🙋🏼✨the less we rely on external forces to fill those cracks, holes and sometime craters of space. (Been there my friend 🕳).

And seeing as you can't throw yourself away, why not try a more 'kintsugi' attitude to being and make do and mend? I've got my needle and thread at the ready...Oh my nan would be so proud! 😉👵🏼