Feeling Uninspired? 5 Content Creation Ideas to Try Now!

Feeling Uninspired? 5 Content Creation Ideas to Try Now!

Everyone is posting and everyone is scrolling, but how do we get inspired to create amazing content that actually makes people want to stop, look, read, like and really absorb and act on what it is that you are sharing? Especially, when you’re feeling depleted and empty of inspiration. If that sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time to think about creating content in a different way. Read on to find out how you can approach content creation in a new and refreshed way.

On Letting your Inner Child Run Free...

Words by Frou Williams.

Ahhh 🙏🏼 for the first time in weeks with the hurricane of changes finally able to sit down and get the creative hat on. Letting the inner child free and inviting Peter Pan to play with some nourishing activities for mind, body and inemy* 👌🏼✨🤓🙃

The perfect Monday evening 😎📝🖍✂️🖼 *if you don't know what an inemy is where have you been hiding my friend? 👀 An inemy is what I like to think of as the little scared child in each of us that sometimes (okay, okay a lot) gets pretty loud and tries to run the show out of fear.

Know the one? Yeahhh...the one that tells us we're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. *yawn* 😴's often confused with an enemy because damn does that inner me have some crazy off the charts thoughts!

I do not believe that we should try to quieten, ignore or silence that voice and narrative because it's a part of who we are and it's always going to be there in some shape or form (and that's totally okay too by the way) but when we begin to look at the deeper message and work out what needs to be heard, vocalised and brought to the table it's amazing the shift in mind set that can take place.

A lot of it is plain old nonsense sure, but if we can learn how to wade through the murky unchartered waters of fear then we can learn to tune in and pick up on what our inemy needs us to hear. And for the most part, he or she just wants to be acknowledged.

Exploring your creativity is a wonderful way for your inemy to be expressed and nurtured in a calm and safe space. Creativity comes in many forms and it doesn't need to be in a traditional painting or drawing sense. My creativity is through how I move my body, what I feed her and all those glorious adventures.

So tell me, what's your creative outlet? 🙃✨

What is Creative Living?

What is Creative Living?

Nothing gives me a warm fuzzier feeling than when my tribe get really curious and run with their creative expression. When people say I'm not creative I call BS - human beings have been creative beings long enough and consistently enough that it truly is a natural impulse.

The earliest evidence of human art is forty thousand years old. The earliest evidence of human agriculture by contrast, is only ten thousand years old. Which means that somewhere in our collective evolutionary story, we decided it was way more important to make attractive, superfluous items than it was to learn how to regularly feed ourselves!