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What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?


Sometimes we know we need help with something, perhaps we feel stuck in a rut or have a particular idea in mind that we want to achieve but it can be hard to know where, or who, to turn to.

Coaches + mentors are professionally trained (or should be :)) to use and teach techniques that can - quite simply - change the direction of people’s lives. Tools that help you to look at things in a new way, help you to move through something which was causing you pain, frustration or upset and to help you learn to look at yourself and your life with a newfound respect, love and appreciation.

Why Being A One Solution Focused Coach Doesn't Work...

Why Being A One Solution Focused Coach Doesn't Work...

Hey Well Warrior,

If you follow my social media or have spent much time looking at my online space which houses my journey as a coach to date, you'll know I'm not one for following the norm - in fact, my inner rebel actually detests the very notion of adhering or conforming to society. It's like a flip in me switches and off I go in the opposite direction. Even at times when the opposite direction doesn't serve my best interests. 

My very branding goes against what thousands of other coaches walking down a gorgeous sunlit beach with balloons in hand and sparkles a plenty, would gawk and horror at. It's intentionally dark, it's moody but it's designed to be real.

Just How Much Do You Want it?

We're surrounded by passive aggressive societal guilt trips on a daily basis, jumping out at us from beneath our screens, screaming, ‘hey you, chubs, don’t you know abs are made in the kitchen’, a society that hails us to be better and do better every single day. A society that tells us there's no excuses, plain old black and white - how much do you want it? 

Let's face it, life ain't perfect (in fact it's really freaking hard, it's full of twists and turns, ups and downs and not to mention the u-turns and plot twists thrown in just for bants 😲) so I'm calling you on it and asking you to give yourself a compliment. 

Yes you.

Right here, right now. Just one thing that's not based on aesthetics that you like about yourself... ✨

What's the first thought that comes to mind? 

Either comment below or email me (⠀⠀⠀

Why me? I am not enlightened, I drink coffee, eat meat, get pissed off, feel more than emotional on any given day, fight with loved ones, have insomnia and days where I hate my body. I don't possess a magic key to life only a desire to create space for people to transform their lives and to facilitate work in the areas in which people want to wake up, shake up and dream up. Think of me like a taxi driver to a deeper dimension. Simply helping you get to where you need to go.

So if we know life isn't perfect then neither should we be. Perfect is boring and perfect is beige. And who's got time for beige? (All the beige lovers be like 🙋🏼🙋🏽🍞)⠀⠀⠀

So sometimes you just need a freaking donut, a glass of wine, maybe even a bucket of wine - hoho - heck sometimes you have the kind of days where a shot of tequila in the eye and a Valium tranquilizer seems like the only viable solution. We’ve all been there my friend.

And what's more, most of us will still do all the above but just mentally torture the crap out of ourselves for our sins or lack of willpower after. And why? Why do you think it's okay to be so mean to yourself? We all do it but it doesn't make it okay. 

It's not always easy but those shades of grey are the moments you look back on with fondness as a life well lived - so today whether you grab the pizza, hit a yoga class, dance on tables or sprinkle cacao nibs from Narnia everywhere - whether it be with friends, with the cat or simply in our own company - just own wherever you are at today.

Allowing ourselves to make conscious choices and taking responsibility for ourselves is not easy, nor is it an overnight journey. There's no end goal or destination. Just you, me and a whole lot of love for this thing we call life. 

Now, tequila for one anyone? 

Body Talk...

Words by Frou Williams.

Celebration of the female form. Loving yourself and feeling good about your body are really, REALLY hard things to do. Unfortunately, you can't run away from it and you certainly can't pretend it's not there.

It's kind of a mind, body and soul combo deal we have going on here folks. 🤔 Even in the depths of self loathing and despair, your body is there for you, reminding you, "Hello, sad clown. I am here to both haunt and serve you."

When I'm feeling low or having a day like a beached whale 🐳 (yes all us mere mortals have those days 🙋🏼), I try to take comfort in the humour of that.

Hate it or love it, your body is not going anywhere. The beauty is in enjoying the journey of wellbeing for what it is - a never ending journey and trying to figure out how to coexist peacefully and laugh about it along the way.

Why you can be a Life Coach and Not Have all the Answers...

Why you can be a Life Coach and Not Have all the Answers...

The most common questions I get asked as a life coach are: 'So you must have life figured out huh' and 'You must never get annoyed or worked up about anything' 😂😂👌🏼 Read life coach not robot.🤖

Being a life coach is about creating and holding space for someone to truly come into their own, to allow them the opportunity to explore big, beautiful and creative versions of 'self', to help someone release old thoughts and narratives that no longer serve.

It's as much about self development in a traditional sense of cultivating self love as it is about helping someone to unravel their story and their message.

Why I Became a Life Coach

Why I Became a Life Coach

A year ago,  I embarked on a journey to become a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Training Academy. My interest had been sparked when I undertook a coaching series with my friend Helena Kay as she had just finished her own coaching training and was looking for pro-bono clients to work with. Feeling somewhat lost and at a crossroads in my life I jumped at the chance for free coaching with such a beautiful soul.

Little did I know at the time that undertaking a coaching series would ignite a passion in me to pursue my own coaching training