The Envelope Project

Original letters found and then given the artistic once over by artist and collector of all things vintage Kathleen Taylor. Taylor came across a basket brimming with old postage stamps and envelopes.

As she sifted through the envelopes and saw the flowery handwriting, she was struct with an idea. An idea, to show stories of connection between soldiers and their sweethearts at home, relatives and distant family members, best friends.

An opportunity to create art out of ordinary papers yes, but also a charming way to preserve a dying form of communication in this digital age. Such a lovely notion, that there are now envelopes in homes all over the world. Some people have collected them based on a date or postmark that had a personal connection for them. Others have loved the art and the idea of recycling the old envelopes into new art.

How much time do you dedicate to creating and exploring your creativity?