Welcome to The Death By Lycra Collective.


I often get asked the question...

Where did the Death By Lycra Collective come from?

I had what some might consider the dream job working for arguably one of the biggest organisations in the world; Google. I traveled the world with work, planned events, ate the free food, was surrounded by people constantly pushing boundaries, achieving and creating enormous success, I was immersed in the “work hard, play harder” machine, fuelled by caffeine, working 75 hour weeks, cooling down with wine, and rarely slept. Sure, on the outside I looked like I was living my #bestlife but behind closed doors I was burnt-out, stressed out, anxious and sick.

Those years at Google are what might be considered by some, the highlight of my corporate career, I was working out sometimes 2-3 times a day, eating all the ‘right’ foods and yet, I had never been bigger or sicker. After months and months of being unwell whilst living in Sydney, seeing wellbeing practitioner, general practitioner and healer after the other, I ended up at the Sydney Centre for Digestive Diseases.

My body was no longer willing to silence what my mind had been numbing and avoiding. I wouldn’t listen to the signs to slow down or tune in and so in April 2016 my body chose for me. I could no longer choose to ignore the signs.

It was from that place I knew I could no longer live the way I had been living. I had to start over. From that day, along with my own personal journey to wellness, I have studied copious courses on bodywork, mindset, healing and wellbeing, travelled the world to meet many experts in their field, read just about anything and everything that I can get my hands on in order to better understand the human body, the psyche, the power of the mind, the soul and our purpose in life.

Through my work as a certified wellbeing specialist, qualified personal trainer and eating psychology coach, it became clear to me how overcoming obstacles, creating lasting change and stepping up as leaders in our lives and our businesses requires a beautiful synergy of mind, body and soul exploration. A journey that goes beneath the lycra and the layers. A modality that covers cognitive, physical, energetic and spiritual wellbeing. A chance to release stagnant energy, trauma, face fears, rewire limiting beliefs and unlock the wisdom from within.

As a creative thinker and healer, my job is working with well warriors who are ready to take the journey back home to themselves. Sparking a conversation with change-makers and conscious bosses who are creating change and impact for humanity through new wave feminine leadership. Leading with heart and living in alignment.



You’re here reading this because you know that something in your life is about to or has to change.

You can see and feel The life you’re stepping into and now you’re ready to take this to the next level.

Perhaps those feelings, that never ending to do list or even the enormity of your dreams have taken you to a place of overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty. Perhaps you even feel down. You’re looking for clarity, direction and someone who understands. You’re looking to find that framework or missing piece that you believe you need in order to lead in your life and business. The framework you think that once you have, you'll have the confidence or the tools to live out your purpose, to be happy and finally live as the leading act in your life. But, you already have those tools and that framework, what you're searching for; is you.

So what are you waiting for?

I believe that if we take the time to listen, inside each and every one of us we have the toolkit and medicine we individually need to tune in and transform our lives. 

So with a dash of self awareness, a dollop of kindness, a sprinkle of acceptance, a teaspoon of healing, buckets of radical self responsibility and a shit storm of willingness to unpack that big, beautiful bag of dreams, old stories and limiting beliefs, it is not only possible, but it is time for you to create a life and a business that you love.

And I'm the Wellpreneur to help you do just that. 



The Death By Lycra Collective was created to empower individuals to practice vulnerability, find their authentic voice and guide them home to themselves through passion, purpose and alignment.


The Death By Lycra Collective is a simple philosophy and attitude towards life. It's not taking ourselves, our work or our wellbeing too seriously. A new wave of connection and community, both online and offline, that helps us each to look at life beneath the lycra and the layers.


My mission is to awaken and ignite the mind, body and soul. To act as your guide, mentor, and healer, as you begin the best and most rewarding conversation of your life. The conversation you have with yourself.


I believe that coaches are no longer being called to deliver a neatly packaged solution for a one size fits all market, but to work more deeply, soulfully, collaboratively, and to create space and connection to better enable you to come home to yourself. 

That a new of wave of soulful coaches and mentors are here to help others rise through the fear, to face limiting beliefs, unravel old stories and narratives that no longer serve. It is my mission to teach you that this is your time to own and understand your mind, body and soul; how they are all intrinsically linked and how that plays out in every day life and your business. 

It's time to connect the dots of where your passion and purpose collide, to step out of your comfort zone as you learn to go within.

It's time to listen that intuition and inner voice, to move through past pain, to meet parts of yourself you didn't even know existed, to follow what sets your heart on fire, to be curious about what keeps you up at night and to create that life you've been dreaming of.


The Death By Lycra Collective Philosophy:



 There's no one like you on this earth. The probability of you even being born is incredible - your unique gifts to the world are something only you can offer. So you being you, is pretty awesome.

Chartering your own path: 

It's time to stop adopting societal expectations of what or how we should live. We live in society of too many choices. It can be overwhelming and cause us to omit taking any action towards anything. It's time to tune in and forge your own path.

Knowledge (The Smarts):

Wellness and personal development is a lifetime commitment to self and the development of your mindset, health and lifestyle. It’s not a one off ticket we can purchase; much like brushing your teeth, ‘wellbeing hygiene’ is required daily.

Enjoy the process.

Inner Landscape: 

You can look like a goddess on the outside but if you don’t feel it on the inside whether that’s gut, hormonal, emotional or mental health then you’re never going to be able to truly discover the beautiful depths of you or what you're capable of achieving. Don't let how you feel about yourself stop you from achieving your goals. Let’s work from the inside out.


It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you’re feeling connected to self or connected to your purpose. Yes, we might still want to lose a few pounds, lust after those washboard abs and wish gravity hadn’t take its toll there BUT on the whole, when you’re taking positive action for you the rest just seems to fall into place, all sort of effortlessly really.


We are designed to move, to smile, to laugh, to play and to love. As adults we often forget the playfulness of children; it’s not only okay to take stock and look at different ways we can include more fun, play and pleasure in our lives but we encourage it daily!

Shake off the seriousness.


Be curious, be playful, be flirty. It’s time to find where your passion and purpose collide!


Try new things, push yourself out of your comfort zone. There truly is no such thing as a bad experience, only lessons learned.


You’re not in this alone. Growth, evolution and change is a social collective. Yes, we must work on ourselves on an individual level but in order to create lasting change for ourselves, those around us and the world at large it's important to share and learn. We are all storytellers in this life. And that saying about your vibe attracts your tribe, couldn't be truer!

Get sharing your findings. #deathbylycra


You can’t move forward unless you understand where you come from and what makes you, you! Whether that’s on an individual or as a social collective, looking back at how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved and what areas need work is the starting place for any great strategy.




Formal Qualifications & Training:

Internationally Certified Life Coach - Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, Australia

Eating Psychology Coach Certification - Institute for the Psychology of Eating, US

Professional Certificate in Food and Nutrition Coaching - Nature Care College, Australia

Level 3 + 4 Personal Trainer - FIA Fitnation, Fitness Institute Australia

Pre + Post Natal - FIA Fitnation, Fitness Institute Australia

Yin Yoga - Normal Blair, Yoga Campus, London

DNAFit - Genetic Information for Fitness + Nutrition, London

PinkBelt KickBoxing, London



My choice is to live a life, rich in connection, passion, adventure and storytelling. My own story is forever evolving, and now — feeling good from the inside out whilst running my business is what guides me in every aspect of my life.



What is My Professional Background?

My background is in running large international events, targeted at commercial, private and entrepreneurial sectors.  My corporate career saw me work for well over a decade in some of the largest organisations in the world, including Google. I believe it is my professional experience coupled with my own journey and passion for wellness, that has enabled me to better relate, motivate and inspire my clients to step out into the wild unknown, to move through shadows, include more play and pleasure in their lives and ultimately, begin the journey of coming home to oneself.

If you’d like to find out how we can work together then:


I can’t wait to hear your story.

Francesca Elizabeth xo


Can we have it all?

I'm all about working hard; whether that's in my business, with clients, in the gym, or eating delicious food with a gin & tonic* (*or 3) without feeling guilty

I’m about having fun, I’m about being real, I’m about exploring your passions, I’m about friendship, sisterhood and community, I’m about living a life that you’re proud of, not having all the answers but a willingness to try, contentment from within is what we should aim for, exploring our creative self through passion and purpose is what we strive for, so together we’re going to play, dream, plan and laugh a lot. Then I'll see you for a round at the bar.