Essential Oils



A collective of heart led visionaries who have consciously chosen to partner with doTERRA to create a life of health, wellness + abundance for themselves and their families.

The ones who seek their truth and to unlock the power of their wellbeing. The ones who crave a deeper connection with themselves and within a beautifully supported community. The ones we are interested in natural health to support themselves, their loved ones and families. The ones who are interested in a complete holistic approach to wellness. A mind, body + soul approach. The ones who desire financial abundance whilst creating radical change and healing for the world and those in it. The ones who are ready to create a life that caters to work ebbing and flowing around the things that are important to them, their priorities and not the other way around.

This business will change you to your core. It will help you to meet your edges, to soften, to lean in and to step into your leadership. To become the visionary and changemaker you were born to be.

Learn how to trail blaze, to build a business and life you’ve always dreamt of with the support of a beautiful community around you...

If you’re curious to learn more about partnering with doTERRA through the Death By Lycra Essential Oil Tribe which is a part of Womankind by the beautiful Jo Kendall then please reach out to or click below to become a wellness advocate.

If you’re ready to open up a wholesale account where you will receive 25% doTERRA products then click below and follow the instructions.

If you’ve not yet experienced the magic of the oils and would like to receive some samples then email or click here and let’s have a chat about what type of oils may best support your wellness journey.