The Death By Lycra Collective

living life above and below the lycra.

The Death By Lycra Collective, founded by Francesca Elizabeth Williams is a collective of exceptional wellness practitioners, creatives, and project managers helping us to grow and scale our wellness message with the world. We are all deeply rooted in the concept of mind, body and soul wellbeing.

Bringing together mind, body and soul to create a framework that uses technology and a multi sensory approach to complete wellness. This team, has created and continues to create 1:1 sessions, group programmes, workshops, retreats, and wellness guides to empower individual and collective wellness.

Share your wellness journey with us.

Francesca Elizabeth Williams  Life & Business Psychology Coach

Francesca Elizabeth Williams

Life & Business Psychology Coach

Francesca Elizabeth is the original Death By Lycra. She is an internationally certified life and business psychology coach. She coaches, guides and mentors well warriors as they begin the best and most rewarding conversation of their life; the conversation they have with themselves. Her message in its true essence is about living in alignment.

A lover of travel, digital nomad and gypsy boho heart, Francesca embodies an eternal student of universe school of life. You’ll mostly find her geeking over psychology and spirituality.

Drinking tea, downward dog and discussing how to find more meaning and purpose in life is one of her favourite things to do with friends.

Geraldine Ruffle  Lead Wellness Coach

Geraldine Ruffle

Lead Wellness Coach

Geraldine is one of the lead delivery coaches on our group programme Making Friends With You, and our go-to wellness guide wordsmith for all things nourishing movement. She holds a masters degree in exercise physiology and is an internationally certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

With a focus on motivation and a passion for sharing her love of wellbeing and movement, she couples her experience with a love of inspiring others to set and surpass their own personal goals. Her emphasis is on natural, safe and effective movement patterns within functional fitness to maximise enjoyment and results with an all inclusive philosophy for a healthy body, mind and soul.

You can work with Geraldine in a variety of ways through our Virtual Workshops, Group Programme and 1:1 wellness sessions. She writes and reports on all the weird and wonderful ways to get you excited about the different ways to move and nourish your body whilst tuning in and finding a space that feels good from the inside out.

Katherine Gillies  Soul Purpose Coach

Katherine Gillies

Soul Purpose Coach

Katherine is a City girl with a gypsy heart. A straight-to-the-point empathic soul, and will be the one to say what you’re thinking. After 10 years of university, travel and corporate life her Saturn Return turned her life upside down and led her down this new and more aligned path.

She found that her Soul Purpose on this planet is to help you come home to yourself. To help you cultivate inner peace and step into your highest potential to live an aligned and authentic life.

As an intuitive spirit, she weaves deep innate knowing with straight forward practical wisdom, based in logic and infused with grace. Her spiritual work assists individuals to access their own divine guidance and take inspired action on their journey towards self-actualisation.

Ultimately, she expands your consciousness so you remember your soul desires and move towards living your own unique potential and truth. Katherine is available for online sessions via the wellness coaching link.

Kristen Olson  The Mental Health Explorer

Kristen Olson

The Mental Health Explorer

Kristen lives and works in Newcastle, NSW in mental health and comes from an educational background in the arts. Her professional experiences have lead her to navigate the human experience in a way that honours our objective and subjective ways of thinking. She uses her writing for DBLC to explore both creative and practical solutions, accessing the human experience from viewpoints of both art and science. Her work explores structure and self-control within emotions, and demonstrates how self discipline can be harnessed as a method of self love.

Kristen's own recovery journey from lived experiences of depression and anxiety, Kristen intentionally writes in a way that acknowledges life’s shadows, but offers a shining light to navigate the way out. Her language is based off of the ‘Strengths Based Model’ that is used within her profession, promoting self understanding, acceptance, and emphasises a person’s individual strengths.

Previously explored topics of hers have included boundary setting, regulating and understanding emotions, finding a sense of belonging and managing anxiety symptoms. You can find Kristen’s work in our Wellness Guides.

Lisa Hewitt  Wellness Specialist & Yoga Teacher in Training

Lisa Hewitt

Wellness Specialist & Yoga Teacher in Training

Lisa believes that your family’s wellness starts with you. You deserve to nurture and nourish yourself in the same way as you do your children. Having practiced yoga and meditation for 8 years and seen the benefits of these practices within family life, child anxiety and trauma, Lisa is now studying her RYT 200hrs to enable her to start sharing her passion at a grass roots level and beyond.

“My hope is to gift you with the tools to support you through your life challenges and come away feeling nourished and rebalanced”

You’ll find Lisa’s work in our Wellness Guides.

Sammy McDermott  Yoga Teacher specialising in Corporate Wellness.

Sammy McDermott

Yoga Teacher specialising in Corporate Wellness.

Sammy is a holistic wellbeing specialist and the founder of The Eclectic Narrative. She primarily works with women using yoga as a tool to them to tune into their intuition more readily enabling to better guide all aspects of their life. She runs 1:1 yoga sessions, group sessions and corporate yoga in London and Melbourne. She helps companies to offer their staff wellbeing tools for dealing with work stress, pressure and fatigue. With more and businesses today realise the importance of offering wellbeing activities to their staff, as it offers a decrease in staff illness, turnover and a great work morale.

Harriet Frost  Online Business Manager

Harriet Frost

Online Business Manager

Harriet is our resident online business manager, she’s the one who makes things happen seamlessly and effortlessly. She’s also founder of online business management company Grit Culture. A Cornish girl who has spent the last 10 years between London, Australia and New Zealand but now back in her home county having organically grown her Virtual Assistant business. She aims to work with awesome people doing great things in the world, finding herself tending to clients within the health and wellness industry. Helping clients delegate tasks and gain time back into their daily lives is the name of the game. 

In the true essence of Grit, Harriet likes to dabble in endurance sports, Half Ironman, Ultra Marathons and 500k cycles occasionally.

Tillie Harris  VA

Tillie Harris


Tillie is part of Grit Culture and works with Harriet to earth our visions here at DBLC.

A lover of nature and having just relocated to Cornwall, you will find Tillie in many an outdoor adventure.