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living life above and below the lycra.

Francesca Elizabeth Williams  AKA The Soul Purpose Practitioner

Francesca Elizabeth Williams

AKA The Soul Purpose Practitioner

Francesca Elizabeth is the original Death By Lycra. She is an internationally certified transformation coach. She guides, mentors, coaches and personally cheerleads well warriors as they begin the best and most rewarding conversation of their life; the conversation they have with themselves. Her message in its true essence is about living in alignment.

A lover of travel, digital nomad and gypsy boho heart, Francesca embodies an eternal student of universe school of life. You’ll mostly find her with her head immersed in a self development book, talking about her love of bunny rabbits (well they are her spirit animal), drinking tea and finding ways to share her voice with the world.

Charlie Andrews  AKA The Rehab Yogie

Charlie Andrews

AKA The Rehab Yogie

Charlie is our resident yoga teacher for all DBLC events, workshops and circles. She started practicing Yoga 7 years ago to counterbalance the side effects of a hectic lifestyle which came as a result of working on set as a movie make-up artist.

She found Yoga and immediately fell in love. She had finally found something that calmed her mind and provided her with the physical challenge that her mind and body craved. Charlie maintains, she still learns something new and wonderful on a daily basis about yoga, about her body and also her mind. Knowing that there is always something to work on and improve on, which is another reason that she loves to practice; it’s an ever evolving journey.

She specialises in sports specific Yoga, anatomy (specifically hip and back) and the scientific benefits that it has on our bodies. She is constantly thinking of new ways to explore yoga, explore ourselves and to combine this discipline with other fun and exciting things to heighten an experience to challenge our minds and body.

Kristen Olson  AKA The Self Love Guru

Kristen Olson

AKA The Self Love Guru

Kristen lives and works in Newcastle, NSW in mental health and comes from an educational background in the arts. Her professional experiences have lead her to navigate the human experience in a way that honours our objective and subjective ways of thinking. She uses her writing to explore both creative and practical solutions, accessing the human experience from viewpoints of both art and science. Her work explores structure and self-control within emotions, and demonstrates how self discipline can be harnessed as a method of self love.

Kristen's own recovery journey from lived experiences of depression and anxiety, Kristen intentionally writes in a way that acknowledges life’s shadows, but offers a shining light to navigate the way out. Her language is based off of the ‘Strengths Based Model’ that is used within her profession, promoting self understanding, acceptance, and emphasises a person’s individual strengths.

Previously explored topics of hers have included boundary setting, regulating and understanding emotions, finding a sense of belonging and managing anxiety symptoms.

Geraldine Ruffle  AKA The Science Geek

Geraldine Ruffle

AKA The Science Geek

Geraldine is our go-to blog girl for all things nourishing movement. She holds a masters degree in exercise physiology and is an internationally certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

With a focus on motivation and a passion for sharing her love of health and fitness, she couples her experience with a love of inspiring others to set and surpass their own personal goals. Her emphasis is on natural, safe and effective movement patterns within functional fitness to maximise enjoyment and results with an all inclusive philosophy for a healthy body, mind and soul.

You'll find Geraldine hanging out in our blog section writing and reporting on all the weird and wonderful things to get you excited about ways to move your body whilst tuning in and finding a space that feels good and nourishing.

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