GERALDINE has a Specialist interest in the following areas:

  • Women’s Fitness

  • Weight Loss Specialist

  • Exercise for Mental Health

  • Pre and Post Natal exercise adaptations

  • Introduction to Exercise

  • Movement for life

  • Motivation

  • Sport Specific Fitness Training

  • Holistic Wellbeing

  • Nutrition for Movement

  • Body Image

  • Self Love and Self Care

  • Detoxing Your Life

If you are working through any of the above then you should book in with Geraldine to guide to you on your wellness journey.


What Can I Expect From wellness & Nutrition Coaching?

Your time with Geraldine is about putting a plan of action into place around your movement and nutrition that works for you and your life. A holistic approach to mind and body.

Our sessions are a space for curiosity, honesty, to better understand behaviour patterns and habits that no longer serve, to learn to address feelings of unsettlement and uncertainty through reframing and identifying how, what and why.

Geraldine offers accountability, motivation, exploration, embodied transformation and a safe space for you to achieve your mind and body wellbeing goals.

How Does it Work?

Your sessions are conducted online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home, a quiet meeting room at work or with you outside walking in nature. As long as you have access to the internet and a quiet place for you to drop in and be present we can conduct a session. These sessions are designed to help you around the franticness and problems of modern life - guidance when you’re going through something and you need actionable support in the moment.

You can book a 1 off session or a block of 6 which can be used either once a week for 6 weeks or fortnightly for 12 weeks.

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Movement & Nutrition Coaching is for you if:


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Gerladine’s Bio & Formal qualifications:

Geraldine is one of the lead delivery coaches on our group programme Making Friends With You, and our go-to wellness guide wordsmith for all things nourishing movement. She holds a masters degree in exercise physiology and is an internationally certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

With a focus on motivation and a passion for sharing her love of wellbeing and movement, she couples her experience with a love of inspiring others to set and surpass their own personal goals. Her emphasis is on natural, safe and effective movement patterns within functional fitness to maximise enjoyment and results with an all inclusive philosophy for a healthy body, mind and soul.

You can work with Geraldine in a variety of ways through our Virtual Workshops, Group Programme and 1:1 wellness sessions. She writes and reports on all the weird and wonderful ways to get you excited about the different ways to move and nourish your body whilst tuning in and finding a space that feels good from the inside out.

  • BSc Sports Science

  • MSc Sports Science

  • Level 3 + 4 Personal Trainer

  • Zumba Teacher

I loved Geraldine’s training plans, she made me feel really comfortable and somehow made everything really enjoyable. I looked forward to my session catch-ups because I was always seeing results and couldn’t wait to share them. It was the combination of a fun exercise program and the thought coaching that I really needed, I believed in myself after the catch-ups and then I went and
proved myself right in the gym.
— Abby: Online PT Client
Working out with Geraldine was always a surprise, every session was different but specific. I would also surprise myself at what I could achieve each session. My measurement sessions used to terrify me but once I started seeing everything improve, I just wanted to keep seeing the results. I wanted to lose weight and start to find some definition and some muscles that I had hiding and that’s exactly what we did! It helped build my confidence to learn more about why I was exercising and the
motivation exercises we did really help to keep me on track. I love going to the gym now and even go and do my own thing.
— Felicity: PT client
I had tried to get fit many times before and never managed to stick to anything and never managed
to lose any weight and I just kept feeling worse. Spending some time doing motivation work with Geraldine was my best decision, once we started exercising too, I had all the right thoughts to get me there and keep me there. I needed to find my self-love and that’s precisely what Geraldine helped me with, I wouldn’t give up training with her ever.
— Joanne: PT Client 2019
Geraldine is great in the gym; our sessions are always hard work and I always feel awesome afterwards. She is so motivating all the time and I always want to push myself in her session’s way more than my own. She knows exactly what I need and I’ve never been fitter or healthier before. I love taking care of myself in a totally new way now and It’s changed my whole life. I can’t recommend her enough if you want to see your health and fitness goals become your reality.
— Sophie: PT Client

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