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Francesca is based between Surrey and London but as a student of the universe will often be on the road, so welcomes travel for speaking, events and workshops so let's chat about your event.

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As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Francesca brings her passion and experience for wellness to help well warriors find their voice, take action towards their dreams and uncover what living in alignment means to them.

Her talks and workshops are designed to inspire, educate and motivate audiences to walk away with practical tools and implementation tactics for their lives and business whilst feeling excited, engaged and part of a wider community.

Francesca loves speaking about a wide range of topics, including:

  • Mind, Body & Soul Wellbeing

  • Masculine and Feminine Psychodynamics

  • Spiritual AF

  • Making Friends With You - Self Love for the Soul

  • How to Live with more Meaning, Purpose and Alignment

  • How to Trust Your Intuition

  • Super Charge Your Creativity and Sexuality

  • Soul Success - The Mind, Body and Soul of Your Business

  • Hustle without Losing Your Soul

  • Why your Body Image is Stopping you From Moving Forward in Business + Life

  • How to Find your Authentic Voice

Custom Collaboration:

If there’s a particular topic that you’re looking to develop content around, then we would love to hear more. Please send an email to and we’ll be in contact soon.



Francesca Elizabeth is an internationally certified wellness and business psychology coach. Her work is about igniting the mind, body and soul through holistic wellness programmes, workshops and retreats.

She coaches, guides and mentors well warriors as they begin the best and most rewarding conversation of their life; the conversation they have with themselves.

Her message in its true essence is about living in alignment.

She believes that coaches are no longer being called to deliver a neatly packaged solution for a one size fits all market, but to work more deeply, soulfully, collaboratively, and to create space and connection to better enable clients to come home to themselves.