Death By Lycra Collective Retreats.

The Not-so-Gentle Life Business Retreat.

Thursday 9th May – Monday 13th May 2019

Dordogne, France.

Join us for a gently transformational business wellness retreat.

We won’t show you how to scale-up. We’re not going to help you reach for some arbitrary revenue goal (like that magical six-figure income). We’re here to support you to set the goals YOU love and want, plan the way YOU want to work to meet them, and to design the life that best suits YOU.

In this unique retreat, your hosts Emily and Frou bring you their combined 30 years of experience in supporting people’s minds, bodies, work and businesses.

We’ve teamed up with French Loaf holidays to bring you our not so gentle life business retreat. (Because if you were in balance and feeling gentle in your life and business, you really wouldn’t need the retreat!)

 For 4 days you’ll be immersed in the private and idyllic setting of La Verger, in the Dordogne Region, France with just 10 other guests plus your two hosts (Emily and Frou) and the group’s own private chef.

Getting away from your usual way of working and living will allow you to reflect, pause, review and plan how you’re going to be in your business and how your business is going to bring you what you truly deserve. With Emily and Frou on hand to guide you in mindful activities, this will be an entirely transformational business wellness retreat.

If you…


Would love to spend some time away working ON your business and not just IN it…


Are craving time to make genuine shifts for you to re-emerge back IN to your business with vigour, alignment and flow…


Are wondering when you’ll get to start enjoying this self-employed life you’ve worked so hard to create…


We get it, we’ve been there too, and that’s why we’ve created this retreat. So together we can enjoy the freedom and space to plan a business future that is gentle and joyful.


This retreat is ideal for you if you are:


  • A business owner who is past the initial set up phase of your business and establishing yourself as a business owner

  • Questioning whether you’re experiencing signs of burnout, wishing to not carry on building your business in this way

  • Feeling ready to grow and learn and step boldly into the new way you’d like to have your business and life together in more integration

  • Feeling that you want focused change out of the everyday trappings of normal life

  • Ready and willing to step into the vision of your future self and business


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Additional activities:

There will be plenty of opportunity during the retreat for time out and additional activities including:

Yin + Restorative Yoga

Movement Classes





Wine Tour



Dates: Thursday 9th May – Monday 13th May 2019

Location: Dordogne, France

Dietary Requirements: All dietary requirements catered for with our private chef to ensure you are nurtured and nourished.

Join us for this unique experience of freedom within your business and sense of self, to become

the business leader and owner you truly deserve to be.


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Your hosts

About Emily


I run the gentle life programme supporting private individuals and business owners to gain momentum and change in their lives and work, to work better for them all round.

In the last 3 years I’ve worked in my own coaching business with hundreds of people through their own stressful life moments through to success – defined by them.

However, over the last 20 years in total, through the NHS and privately I’ve helped people prevent and manage health and life issues, dealing with burnout, anxiety, serious illness and unwanted change, supporting them to live in greater alignment and move forwards even when they felt it may not be possible.

I myself wanted, and continue to want, a more gentle (but still empowered) life and a more mindful (but still bold) business. I bring this passion to all the work I do with you too.

Achievements in my business include having over 2000 hours of one to one coaching with clients, setting up  the world’s first medical coaching collective, numerous television, radio and podcast appearances spreading the gentle life message, and hundreds of successful client stories many of whom continue within my community to this day.

Formal qualifications:

  • Over 15 years experience in the NHS and charity sector

  • Additional 5 years supporting people to move forward from health and life challenges in both private and contracted practice

  • MSc and Ba Hons in Health Psychology, specialising in the impact of understanding risk and trauma on our behaviours

  • Diploma in coaching and NLP, specialist interest in coaching after cancer

  • MBPsS status membership of the British Psychological Society


About Frou


Frou is an internationally certified life and business coach. Her work is about igniting the mind, body and soul for the wellness of women.

She guides, mentors, coaches and personally cheerleads wellness entrepreneurs and conscious bosses as they begin the best and most rewarding conversation of their life; the conversation they have with themselves.

She believes that coaches are no longer being called to deliver a neatly packaged solution for a one size fits all market, but to work more deeply, soulfully, collaboratively, and to create space and connection to better enable clients to come home to themselves.

Formal qualifications:

  • Internationally Certified Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, Australia

  • Eating Psychology Coach Certification – Institute for the Psychology of Eating, US

  • Professional Certificate in Food and Nutrition Coaching – Nature Care College, Australia

  • Level 3 + 4 Personal Trainer – FIA Fitnation, Fitness Institute Australia

  • Pre + Post Natal – FIA Fitnation, Fitness Institute Australia

  • Yin Yoga – Normal Blair, Yoga Campus, London

  • DNAFit – Genetic Information for Fitness + Nutrition, London

  • PinkBelt KickBoxing, London

We believe in … Clarity

We believe in … Connection

We believe in … Community

We believe in … Collaboration



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Our quoted prices won’t include your: Flights, Transfers, Personal insurance, Additional day trips, Additional therapy treatments, Additional personal coaching sessions



For 4 people we’ve made available 2 private coaching sessions- 1 4 weeks prior to the retreat and the second during the retreat itself


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