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Welcome to Sacred Book Club. 
A not for profit project brought to you by Jo Kendall and yours truly.


Here at Sacred Book Club we run things a little differently.

All the book club goodness and fun is had directly in our FB group. We're more interested in the day to day feelings you experience and the ah-ha moments when you're reading, so encourage every day shares rather than one big book club share each month.  We're all about connection and community here. 

We're basically a no book club, book club. 

So when you have those moments, want to share or just wanna chat pop into the group and we're here to support you all the way sister!  If you're ready to unleash your inner book club nerd, then join Sacred Book Club here.

We so can't wait to have you! xo

Why Sacred Book Club?


The chance to explore and uncover a new book each month.

A chance to finally read all those personal development books you've been wanting to read FOREVER but never seem to get around to doing because, life!

An opportunity to unwind and connect with like minded self development junkies.

 To be part of a gorgeous growing community.

A chance to gift those less fortunate with the joy of reading.

A chance to grow your skill set and develop your confidence not only with the material that we're reading but also being seen and heard within a group dynamic. 

To delve deeper into the magic of books - books take us places we have never been before, they open us up to new ways of thinking and being.

Each month we'll spend time discussing our thoughts, opinions, ah-ha moments, favourite quotes, and how amazing it is, that we actually managed to read one of the many self development books sitting on our bookshelf collecting dust. 

Together, we're going to consciously take moments each day to pause, relax and unwind with the support and encouragement of beautiful like minded souls. You're going to feel so good about actually getting through that never ending list of books,

"I want to read". 

Every quarter, if you love being part of Sacred Book Club as much as we do, we will be collecting 'pay what you feel' donations and 100% will be used to buy books for those less fortunate through the various charities and groups that we are working with that quarter.


For more info on the charities we work with and to join Sacred Book Club, simply click on the link below:

And don't forget to hashtag us on social #sacredbookclub