The Body of Business.

The Mind, Body + Soul of your Business.

Are you a yoga teacher, PT, life coach, holistic therapist, wellness professional or conscious wellpreneur who has a message to share with the world and is ready to be financially rewarded for doing what you love? Are you ready to step up and claim your authentic voice and craft your core message to the world?

The Body of Business is a group mentoring programme that will assist and guide you the wellness entrepreneur to access deeper levels of your innate power and magic through clarity, direction and connection to your purpose.

Are you ready to step up as a wellness leader and embody your message to the world through you business?

If you're ready to gain clarity, confidence and momentum, to build your business your way, the time is now.


Group Mentorship Programme

With the vast amount of information, tips and tools out there that are designed to help launch a business it can leave even the sanest of souls with their head in a total spin. It's all very well learning about sales funnels and how to grow your Instagram followers - all of which are of course important, and form part of a bigger picture when you want to scale or take your message to a larger audience, but what happens if we don't take the time to lay the foundations and get to the heart or the root of the matter; you.

Without truly knowing or understanding your why, learning about your fears, cultivating mindset and challenging limiting beliefs holding you back, it can keep you in stagnation, overwhelm, fear and preventing you from creating that business or life you dream of. It can keep you in a state of looking longingly or even resentfully at other people seemingly achieving all of the things you so desperately know you have the power to create yourself. 

In order to bring our businesses to life, to nurture and foster them into something real and tangible, and yes financially viable, firstly, we need to look within ourselves.

The art of intuitive leadership - learn how to move through doubt and fear so that you can lead in all areas of your life whilst gaining clarity, confidence and momentum.

The Body of Business:

Register here for the next April 2019 intake, as we uncover the body of your business.

So, Let Me Ask You...

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed and in need of some clarity and direction when it comes to the next step within your business?

Are you unsure of what your signature business offering even looks like? Are you still trying to refine your ideal client or who you're talking to when writing social media posts?

Are you struggling with finding your authentic voice and crafting your core message?

Are you sick of feeling like you're chasing your tail, feeling stressed out and burnt out from all the other spinning plates of life whilst trying to launch your business and seeing very little return? 

Perhaps you're fed up of paying for yet another course searching for the secret solution that will help you launch your business or programme, only to finish the course and be right back where you started? Are you constantly looking for something outside of yourself to get your business off the ground? 

Are you fed up of standing in your own way through fear of being seen or what might people think? Do you frequently feel like you're not good enough or suffer from business FOMO seeing what other people are creating and putting out in the world? Are you suffering perfection paralysis?

Perhaps you're wondering if you're cut out for this entrepreneur life after all?


Creating momentum in your business and turning it into something that generates an income is not easy. It's not for the faint hearted. But that's why you're here warrior.

You have all the skills you need in order to make that dream a reality, perhaps you just need a little guidance to help you navigate the way. And no, you don't need to do another course to develop your skill set or pay for that expensive website and sales funnel. Hold the sales funnel phone just a hot minute!



Because you already have all the tools inside you to create that dream and bring your vision to life. Instead of seeking external validation or buying more time and adding more distractions in the form of learning and up-skilling, perhaps it's time to stop looking outside of you and take a look within.



Because I've been there, brought ALL of the courses, the books and heck even some of the t-shirts too. And what did I learn? Well for the most part, I learnt that I already knew what everyone else was teaching. People weren't reinventing the wheel but simple providing another context or platform in which for you to hear their message or view of the world. 

Very few people actually achieve their goals because they don't know how to unlock the deep calling and desires from within. To achieve your goals means facing fears, challenging limiting beliefs and changing perceptions. All of this comes from within you.

It's time to listen to all that calls you from within. 

There's a whisper from deep within your soul. 

Stirring you.

Urging you to take notice. 

Willing you to explore.

Stop. and Listen. 


You know there's another way for you to live your life. 

You want to feel more purposeful, aligned and connected in your work. You want to make a difference in the world. You want to help empower people to be the best versions of themselves through their health, wellbeing or lifestyle choices. You know there’s something bigger inside, something that needs to be voiced, brought to life or let out. But the sheer idea of all that you want to do and achieve is overwhelming you. You've seen it in your dreams, you've tasted it through the courses and perhaps you're even earning money through your vision but it's not sustainable and the hustle is real.

You're veering into burnout town. How you view yourself and how you feel in your own skin is holding you back from moving forward in your business. You lack clarity and momentum. You're frustrated, all up in your head and don't know where to move next. You push the thoughts and dreams aside and carry on with day to day life, because those bills won't pay themselves, brushing them off and telling yourself you'll come back to them later when you have more time, when you know more and when you have more money.

But those thoughts and feelings are getting harder to shake off.Each time they come back louder and whilst perhaps, they may take on a different form, the underlying message is that you should be making, creating, doing. And it’s here again.You can feel it with every ounce of your being. This time, it’s crying out for you to fill the pages of your life with its message. You no longer chose the idea(s) but it or they chose you.

The desire to create, to share and to build something with your own name standing proudly beside it, calls out to you in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, when you’re queuing for your morning coffee and when you find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at other people’s lives thinking, “I could do that”. Only, you’re not and you didn’t. But this time, something in you has shifted. And you're ready to open yourself to the possibility of what could be.

You now feel that the pain to remain the same is actually worse than the pain to take the leap of faith and courage to create your vision, business and dream life.  You know that in order to create true and transformational change and to unlock your vision that it's time to work from the inside out.

You're ready.

What does this Mentorship Cover?


How to Overcome not Feeling Good Enough or Smart Enough


How to Live a more Purposeful, Connected + Aligned life


Uncovering your Light + Discovering your Passion


How Your Health truly is Your Wealth


Simple Strategies for Balancing Burnout + Overwhelm


How it's Possible to Slow Down + Step Up


How to Move through the Fear of being seen, the Fear of Being too Much, the Fear of Failure, the Fear of actually Achieving your Dreams + how Impactful you Could be


How to Create more Space for Play, Pleasure, Downtime + Fun


Learn how to vocalise the things you didn’t think you could say or want out loud


Discovering your Self Image


How to Relax & Switch off in our Constantly Overstimulated Society


Easy-to-Practice Tools to Stop Feelings of Unsettlement + Increase Contentment


Gain Insight, Direction + Clarity into Building Your Business Momentum

How to boost your Business Strength

Learn how to weave all of your soul gifts and bring them together through your business

How to ditch the ‘should's’ and implement the ‘goods’

Getting intimate with your inner critic and tools to show you how to feel appreciation, confident and ease no matter where you’re at on your body and business journey

Create your own unique business and body blueprint

Tools and Effective Strategies to enable you to take care of Yourself in our Chronically Stimulated Modern Culture

How to stay on top of business FOMO (fear of missing out), once and for all

Masculine + Feminine Energies

Fostering Deeper Connection + Community 

And so much more!

So How Does it Work?

Places for The Body of Business are limited to 10 per intake to keep numbers intimate and allow for greater connection with your fellow fempreneurs. We're on this journey of radical self discovery together and through this you will create friendships and connections which last a life time.

It's time to uncover a more purposeful and aligned way of doing business that honours you. 

This is your time And your story.

What's included in my mentorship?

As part of your Body of Business mentorship you will have access to all of the following:


Group Coaching

Making changes, up-levelling and creating momentum in your business can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming. This is when you need your tribe who understand your mission and those paths less travelled, to share, pat you on the back and encourage you through the times when you're struggling to see the wood through the trees. 

Together as a tribe, we're here to answer any of the questions that we each may have, to build each other up and to help every member of the hub as they wake up, shake up and show up in their lives.

There will be 5 x group coaching calls over the 10 weeks which will be recorded and shared with the group for those who cannot attend the calls live.

Coffee Hangouts

Anyone who knows me, knows that coffee is kind of a ritual of mine (along with 7.4 billion other people yah Frou). But seriously, it's a hug in a mug served daily and ready to greet you whenever you're ready or wish to call. So why not meet me for a virtual coffee date in our FB group while we get to the nitty gritty, laugh and chat about our weekly lesson. You'll have a chance to ask me any questions about the weekly topic and how that might look to us on an individual and collective level (think: facing fears, intuitive eating, courageous living, confidence, purpose and intuition).


You're here reading this because you have a thirst and quest for knowledge and ultimately, for life. You crave something more and you know there is more. The Body of Business aims to provide you with a variety of information on topics that vary from how to navigate thoughts of not being good enough or ready, what leadership looks like to you, the marriage of both your masculine and feminine energies, moving through anxieties and releasing stagnant energy in the mind and body.

We'll even cover how to make the best green juice, a healthy pina colada ( because that's important you know ;) ), how you can travel for business and still take care of yourself, how to take your body out of the stress response, the healing power of breath work, right down to, 'help, I'm having major fear of being seen in my business' vibes. 

We've got the mind, body and soul of your business covered.

We're heading back to the classroom as we give ourselves an education on a new wave of feminine leadership. Because yes, we can have it all.


Life without creativity? Purrrlease! That sounds incredibly dull, mundane and like a giant snooze fest to us. Embracing, exploring and freeing ourselves up to our creativity helps us to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, we feel more aligned, purposeful and passionate. Our energy is contagious and bounces off other people as we excitedly explore the possibilities in our hearts, minds and businesses.  

We're going to look at how we can bring more of the inner child and free spirit into our lives. It's time to bring back the concept of play. Throughout our time together, we will hold creativity workshops to get your mind, body and soul feeling inspired.


Each week there will be a gorgeous new challenge set that is designed to help you tackle the specific lesson of the week. For example, if the theme is about facing fears, then you will be asked to explore a particular fear of your own and how that might be currently showing up in your life. Together we'll then discuss what's surfaced for us on an individual level and collectively move through it in our tribe.

Guest Speakers

There will be 5 guest speakers through the course of the 10 weeks to help you with your business mindset. Guest speakers will be announced at the start of the mentorship.


This is one of my favourite parts of the Body of Business because this is where you will be meeting your new tribe of well warriors, confidants and most importantly, friends. They will become your biggest supporters and cheerleaders and you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

It's time to open your heart and get ready for the bold and the beautiful. None of us can do this alone, and so together, we're going to trail blaze as we lead a business and wellness revolution with our hearts. 


- Eight beautiful, Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

- Downloadable Worksheets with Sections for Note-Taking & Journal Prompts

- Weekly Group Coaching Call

- Weekly Q & A Quick fire Coffee Hangout in the FB Group if something needs attention in betweens calls

- Bonus x 5 Guest Speakers within the
Wellness Industry

- Bonus x 2 Creativity Workshops

- A Private Facebook Community to Connect and Commune with your Soul Tribe

VIP Package

You have the option to upgrade your mentorship package to include all of the benefits plus the following:

1:1 Coaching - A 90 minute 1:1 deep dive coaching session tailored specifically to you and your individual business goals and what you need to get super clear on to align and maximise your time on the programme and our time together.

- A 60 minute 1:1 coaching session to refine and tweak the Body of YOUR Business as we go throughout the mentorship. You can use this coaching session at any point throughout the 10 weeks.

This mentorship is for you if

You want to create a conscious business from the heart

You're ready to create momentum with your business but don't yet know how that looks

You're ready to take charge of creating and unlocking your vision

Anyone who is unsure of how to get their message out to the world

You're ready to face your fear of being seen or addressing your fear of failure

You're ready to overcome your perfection paralysis

Anyone suffering from business FOMO (fear of missing out)

You're unsure of what unapologetic self care whilst staying on top looks like

You want to feel great and confident in mind, body and soul to enable you to show up in your business

You feel totally overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated in your business, in your body or perhaps both

You need to learn how to slow down mentally, physically and emotionally whilst still keeping momentum in your business

You're ready to create space to step up and shine in your business

You're ready for a new approach to business - mind, body and soul

You're ready to create solid boundaries in your life and business

For anyone who wants to learn daily habits for maximising productivity while balancing presence

For anyone who is conscious of how their mindset and wellbeing affects how they show up in their business

For those that are ready to combine an approach that utilises both masculine and feminine energy towards business

You're not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching just yet

You want to add more fun, adventures and meet awesome new people

You want to grow your network

You'd like to part of a community learning how to create, tell and share your story, get you inspired, excited and have you feeling the best that you can be as you launch your business

The Body of Business Mentorship:

Next enrolment is april 2019.
Will you be joining us?

Are you ready to discover the body of your business?



How does it work?

Each module contains one video lesson.

Each lesson is split into 2-3 short videos of 3-10 minutes.

You will receive a worksheet each week on each lesson for you to digest and implement within your own business.

Each week I hold an optional live Q&A webinar of 60 minutes where we’ll focus on your questions from that week’s lessons. You can access the call online or via the phone. All calls will be recorded for those who can’t attend in person and will be made available in the group later that day.

All extra reading or research is entirely optional.

If you do not wish to follow along live, you can study at your own pace around your own schedule.

Once the course finishes, you’ll continue to have access to all of the online material to review at your own leisure.

What is the Time Commitment Required?

The time commitment is 1-2 hours a week but like anything, the more you put in the more you'll get out of our time together. This time is a space for you to ask any of your questions, access advice from me and your other sisters doing the mentorship.

Can you Sign up from Anywhere in the World?

The mentorship is held purely online in our Facebook group so as long as you have access to the internet there are no restrictions on applications.

What Times are the Group Calls?

Once we have the locations of each of the tribe confirmed, we'll plan across time zones to maximise live attendance but the call will always be recorded and shared in the group if for any reason you are unable to attend at the allocated time. 

If you have any other questions which haven’t been answered above, please reach out via email and I’ll be in touch soon.