Wellness Programmes

The Death By Lycra Collective Invites You on a Journey

of Wild and Radical Self Discovery.

1:1 Life Coaching.

1:1 coaching sessions dedicated and uniquely tailored to your own wellness journey, personal transformation and healing through a mind, body + soul approach.


1:1 Walk2Wellness Coaching.

1:1 walking coaching sessions dedicated and uniquely tailored to your own wellness journey, personal transformation and healing, walking outside in nature.


1:1 Wellness Leader Coaching.

Unique and individually tailored sessions dedicated to your own wellness journey, stepping up and out as an embodied wellness leader whilst living in alignment and sharing your message.


The Body of Business.


10 weeks of community, collaboration, growing and nurturing your business all with the support and loving guidance of a tribe of awesome wellpreneurs.


Wellness Workshops.

Death By Lycra half or full day workshops are designed to be inspirational, educational and uplifting experiences, which aim to guide well warriors to access deeper levels of power through a wellness way of living.


Conscious + Corporate.


Educational wellness workshops, seminars and aligned leadership days designed and created for your unique business needs.


Wellness Retreats.


Get away with the Death By Lycra Collective.

Using a Mind, Body + Soul approach, DBLC Programmes Cover:


Identifying any Energy Imbalances in Your Life

Underlying Reasons Behind your Energy and Fatigue

Navigating a Change of Direction with Some Much Needed Clarity

A Closer Look at what Wellness Means to you

Why There is No One Size Fits All Solution To Wellbeing

Understanding the Power of Play

How Nature is Our Best Healer

Addressing Anxiety & FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

How Low Self Esteem is Holding You Back

Learn how to Access & Relate to your Emotions

Unlocking & Tapping into your Creativity

How to Practice the Art of Self Kindness - Daily

Find Where your Passion & Purpose Collide

Learning Daily Habits for Grounding yourself & Balancing your Presence

Working With Shadow Self

Tapping into the Divine Feminine Energy & How That May Look In Your Life

Move Through Past Trauma & Identify Where it may be Trapped in your Body

How you Can Love the Inside Out

Looking at Body Image & how it Plays Out in your Everyday Life

Moving through Shame, Fear & Guilt

Create a Roadmap for Personal Success Unique to you

Boldly Knowing What your Ideal Life Looks like with a Clear Direction on How to Get There

 Soul & Energy Healing

 Cultivating an Amazing Support Network Around you

Getting Intimate & Comfortable with your Inner Critic or Inemy*


*Our INEMY is that inner voice or dialogue which should have our back and be our best friend but all too often acts like an enemy, and quite frankly, a pain in the ass!

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I cannot stress how amazing Francesca is, she has helped me more than I could ever express. She is fun, incredibly knowledgeable, positive yet realistic with me, if I’m having a bad day she understands and helps me work through it. She has given me tools to help with stress in everyday life and to continually help me to get out of my comfort zone. She is always there if I need anything. She has helped me to become a strong independent woman. If you just need a little bit of encouragement because you’re not quite sure about what next, a decision you’re unsure of or you’re after a deeper connection within yourself then Francesca Elizabeth is the lady for you.
— Rachell Funnel