What is Life Coaching?

It’s all a bit overwhelming isn’t it?

Sometimes we know we need help with something, perhaps we feel stuck in a rut or have a particular idea in mind that we want to achieve but it can be hard to know where, or who, to turn to.

Coaches and mentors are professionally trained (or should be) to use and teach techniques that can - quite simply - change the direction of people’s lives. Tools that help you to look at things in a new way, help you to move through something which was causing you pain, frustration or upset and to help you learn to look at yourself and your life with a newfound respect, love and appreciation.



Choosing the right coach for you can be a bit of a minefield, so we’ve pulled together our top 10 list of all the things that an awesome coach should do:


1 Set Inspirational, Yet Achievable Goals

Goals that leave you feeling excited and ready to take action

2 Keep You Accountable

Really a life coach is just like an impartial best friend.

3 Ask Open-Ended Questions

Asking open-ended questions allows us to go to new areas that we may have never considered previously.

4 Visualisation Techniques

Visualisation techniques are such a powerful tool to help reinforce your dreams, desires and goals. If you don’t know what they look like to the point of almost being able to see, hear, feel, smell and touch them, then how are you going to achieve those goals?

5 Shifts in Perception

We’re all guilty of being too 'in our heads' and sometimes it can be hard to make sense or have clarity of things on our own. Having an impartial pair of ears or a sounding board can be all we need to address unseen blocks, navigate new paths or take time to re-evaluate.

6 An Opportunity for Reflection

In order to get to where we want to go, we need to pause, take a breath and look at how far we’ve come. Whether that’s in a physical, emotional, mental, geographical or spiritual sense. Coaching allows you the space to stand still for a moment.

7 Challenge Limiting Beliefs or Old Thoughts and Habits

Have you ever been surprised when someone says something that challenges a narrative you’ve told yourself over and over? For example, if you think you’re shy and awkward but someone compliments you on your outgoing and bubbly persona, it can leave you thinking, “are we talking about the same person?” We often get stuck listening to the same soundtrack of ourselves in our head, day in and day out on one long continuous loop, forgetting that those aren’t the only songs we know. Coaching is a fantastic way to look at outdated thoughts that no longer serve us and updating them with awesome shiny new visions and dialogue.

8 Help You to See Your Self Worth

The oh so popularised term that is 'Self love.' Self love isn’t a woo woo term, nor is it egotistical and selfish. Sometimes it can be hard for us to see our worth, to believe in our own radiance and beauty from both inside and out, and we struggle to see the gifts that we have to offer the world so we settle for far less than we deserve and let our light dim. By exploring the reasons behind all this, we often unpack things that we didn’t even know were there.

9 New Found Gratitude and Appreciation

We live in a society that continually encourages us to strive to be better in every way possible, every single day. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, FOMO (fear of missing out), anxiety and us feeling that the grass is always greener. By allowing ourselves an opportunity to look at what we already have in our lives, it helps us to refocus our thoughts and energy into a more positive now.

10 Powerful Strategies

Asking specific questions about what you want to accomplish can help you to refocus your thinking and approach to your mindset and goals. Effective strategising is the key to long lasting change that a life coach should encourage in order to help you reach your goals more quickly and with less effort.

Choosing the Right Coach has to Feel Right.

It's a bit like going on a first date - if you don't get that "Hell Yes" then it's a "Hell no". So, Trust that Guidance.

You Know the Way.

Take a look at the ways in which we can work together and come back to that one question; 
is it a hell yes?