Workplace Wellness

There are many models and frameworks that can be effectively utilised within the workplace, but our approach is steeped in the following:








Energy Audits:

We work with leadership teams and company wide employees to conduct corporate energy audits.

What Do We Mean By Energy?

Energy in this reference is the capacity to do work.

With our fast paced and rushing culture, the demand for more energy has increased and is only set to increase, whilst our capacity to do the work decreases with things like burnout, stress and overwhelm.

Burnout, stress and overwhelm are all words commonly associated within the modern workplace.

By investing in your teams and your organisation you can manage energy and maximise performance.

As an employe you’ll get more from your employees and as an employee they will feel heard, valued and supported.

87% of employees cite an inability to switch off out of work hours as the main negative effect of technology.
— CIPD: Health and Wellbeing at Work (2018)

Corporate Workshops + Retreats

The Death By Lycra Collective creates bespoke corporate wellness workshops, away days and retreats catered exclusively for you and your business.

We cover wellness modalities such as:

- Mindfulness + Meditation

- Yoga Flow + Sequences Designed to Assist with Workplace Wellbeing

- Movement + Mobility for Desk Workers

- Wellbeing at Work

- Mindset, Habits, Beliefs, and Routines

- Maximising Energy in the Workplace

- Dealing with Stress

- Reducing Overwhelm

- When Anxiety Strikes

- How to Avoid Burnout 

- Relaxation and Switching off

- Creating Boundaries

- Making Decisions 


If you’re keen to put the wellness power back in the hands of your employees then why not co-create with The Death By Lycra Collective, where we will teach and onboard your chosen members of staff over ½ a day or a full day in workplace wellness, so they can go on to hold weekly and monthly meets up to support and nourish your organisation.

Please get in touch to discuss your workplace wellness, for a breakdown of prices and how we might work together.